Countdown: 10 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

The Normalization of Student Failure, Thousands of Teachers Violate the Law, a $53 Million High School Football Stadium and More

10. Texas District Spends $53 Million on New Football Stadium

The football stadiums in Texas just keep getting bigger. Read Now

9. Helping Local Kids and Teachers How?: Chicago Teachers Union Visits Venezuela, Praises Socialist Leader

The four travelers, who crowdfunded the July trip under the banner of the CTU, met with Venezuelan government officials and educators, visited a commune and were featured in local media. Read Now

8. Study Shows Charter Parents Are Significantly More Satisfied with Their Schools Than Parents in District Schools

The differences in satisfaction levels could “result from steps that charter schools are taking to ensure that parents and children are having positive schooling experiences,” the study’s author said. Read Now

7. New Connecticut State Education Chief Reveals His Concerns about Public Schools’ ‘Normalization of Failure’

“For the past 20 plus years, I have devoted myself to being a public school educator, yet I am part of a system that produces results that are still predictable by zip code and shades of skin,” Miguel Cardona said. Read Now

6. Transitioning From District Model to Choice: Former Alabama Education Chief to Open State’s Largest Charter School

Alabama’s former state superintendent Tommy Bice led the groundbreaking ceremony today for what will be the state’s largest charter school to open, located in the Woodlawn area in eastern Birmingham. Read Now

It’s Halftime! This Week’s #CommentaryOfTheWeek:

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McCLUSKEY: Maryland Case Reveals Religious Discrimination in Education

If a religious school cannot act on its religious principles without being cut off from a choice program, that program ceases to provide equality under the law. Read Now

5. NYC Charter School Students Markedly Outperform District School Peers on State Tests

More than half of city school kids still can’t handle basic math or English, even though this year’s state exams scores ticked up slightly, according to state data released Thursday. Read Now

4. Kentucky Labor Cabinet: More Than 1,000 Teachers Violated Law During ‘Sickouts’

More than 1,000 Kentucky teachers violated law during a “sickout” in the early months of 2019 but there will be no civil recourse, according to the findings of an investigation by the Kentucky Labor Cabinet. Read Now

3. Court Rules New Jersey District Cannot Use Taxpayer Money to Pay Teachers Union Salaries

The Jersey City school district cannot use taxpayer funds to pay the salaries of teachers’ union representatives, a three-judge appellate court panel said Wednesday in a ruling that is expected to have a ripple effect across the state. Read Now

2. California Bill Would Ban Schools from Suspending or Expelling Disruptive Students

Under the bill, schools would be prohibited from suspending any student from kindergarten to eighth grade “who disrupts school activities or otherwise willfully defies the valid authority of supervisors, teachers, administrators, or school officials,” beginning July 1, 2020. Read Now

1. 2019 Education Next Poll Released: Growing Support for School Choice, But Partisan Divide on Charters

The poll’s nationally representative sample of 3,046 adults includes an oversampling of teachers, African Americans, and those who identify themselves as Hispanic. Read Now

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