Countdown: 10 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Sexual Assault at Public Schools on the Rise, Students Forced Back to Failing Districts, a Third Grade Reading Crisis and More

10. Federal Civil Rights Probe Opened into Connecticut Policy Allowing Biological Males to Compete in Female School Sports

The investigation follows a complaint in June by the families of three girls, who say they were discriminated against by having to compete in track events against two athletes who were identified as male at birth and who they say have “male hormone levels and musculature.” Read Now

9. Students ‘Were the Victims’: End of St. Louis Area Transfer Program Forces Families Back to Failing Districts

After state takeovers and lawsuits and court orders, two school districts regained provisional accreditation. The districts’ test scores and other academic measures remain among the worst in the state. Read Now

8. Memphis Third Grade Reading Crisis: Only 24% Score Proficient on Latest State Tests

Fewer Memphis third grade students than last year are accomplished readers, according to Shelby County Schools’ annual state test data discussed in meetings with parents. Read Now

7. NAACP Leaders: Right-Wing Groups Infiltrated Local Affiliates to Oppose Charter Stance and Sow Chaos

Leaders at the California state NAACP say this so-called “revolt” is fake news. Read Now

6. We Grade Them, No One Grades Us: 98% of Idaho Teachers Get Top Evaluation Scores, While Student Proficiency Rates Are Just 44% in Math, 55% in Reading

According to new data released by the State Department of Education, 18,485 of Idaho’s 18,834 teachers earned overall scores of “proficient” or “distinguished” on their annual evaluations. Read Now

Countdown Halftime — #CommentaryOfTheWeek:

photo: Lunamarina

MACEDONIA: Private Schools Can’t Accommodate Every Student, and Neither Can Public Schools

A school district could not possibly install a program that accommodates every category at every school. Not only would that be fiscally impossible, it would be morally indefensible. Read Now

5. When It’s Not about the Money: Bureaucratic Morass Derails a Promising, Innovative School

Alec Resnick and Shaunalynn Duffy stood in Somerville City Hall at about 6:30 on March 18, a night they hoped would launch the next chapter of their lives. The two had spent nearly seven years designing a new kind of high school meant to address the needs of students who didn’t thrive in a traditional setting. Read Now

4. Leadership Walks Away: Facing District-Wide Dysfunction, 20 Oakland Principals Step Down

Teachers went on strike for seven days, Oakland Unified agreed to make more than $20 million in budget cuts and the Alameda County civil grand jury released a scathing report alleging district-wide administrative dysfunction. Read Now

3. State Investigators Recommend Removal of Houston School Board Due to Several Instances of Alleged Misconduct

The state recommended that HISD trustees should be replaced by a state-appointed board due to their “demonstrated inability to appropriately govern, inability to operate within the scope of their authority, circumventing the authority of the superintendent, and inability to ensure proper contract procurement laws are followed.” Read Now

2. PDK Poll: 50% of Teachers Have Considered Leaving Profession, Two-Thirds Say School Discipline Not Strict Enough

Most said they would not want one of their own children to follow them into teaching. Read Now

1. National Center for Education Statistics: Sexual Assault at Public Schools on the Rise

Though the #MeToo movement has drawn attention to the issue of sexual harassment, especially in colleges and the workplace, the issue is also a growing factor in K-12 education. Read Now

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