Countdown: 10 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

School Districts Throwing Away Money, Relocating Problems and Siphoning Creativity

10. Most New Mexico Students Left Behind: Less Than One-Third Proficient in English, About One-Fifth Proficient in Math

For the first time, New Mexico’s students took the New Mexico Standards Based Transition Assessment of Mathematics and English Language Arts this spring. Read Now

9. Throwing Away Money: Chicago District Spending More Than $200,000 a Week on Pay for Suspended Employees

What if we told you a chunk of taxpayer funding for education goes not to students but to teachers in trouble? Read Now

8. Paid to Teach Kids Who Aren’t There: In a High-Performing Maryland School District, More Than 28,000 Students Are Chronically Absent

The well-regarded Montgomery County school system in suburban Maryland posted higher rates of chronic student absenteeism than the national average. Read Now

7. Boston District Quietly Agreed to $3.6M Buyout for ‘Excess Pool’ Teachers, and Is Still Paying $6M a Year to Those Remaining

Even with the severance agreements, there are currently 59 excess pool teachers working at BPS who are earning a total of about $6 million a year. Read Now

6. Don’t Acknowledge a Problem, Relocate a Problem: Teacher Who Racked Up Complaints from Female Students Was Transferred Six Times, Then Promoted

At three different schools, students complained that Jimmy Delgado leered at their bodies in a way that made them uncomfortable. Read Now

Countdown Halftime — #CommentaryOfTheWeek:

KANSAS CITY STAR: People Are Tired of Watching Kids’ Love of Learning Die When They Enter the Classroom

Chris Clemmons strikes you as the teacher every parent would want for a child. Passionate. Engrossing. Delightfully unorthodox. But the science instructor feels as sheared and lifeless as his garden classroom today. Read Now

5. Report: Up to 5,000 Michigan Third Graders Would Be Held Back If Retention Law Took Effect Today

The rates of students that would need to repeat 3rd grade are higher for black students at between 7% and 11%, special education students are at about 10% and for students in Partnership Schools- the lowest performing  schools in the state, between 12% and 20%. Read Now

4. Siphoning Creativity: North Carolina District Doesn’t Want Traditional Schools’ Art Programs to Be Too Good, Because They Would Compete with Magnet Schools

Magnet school supporters say they want arts to be available at all schools. But they want to make sure that the most advanced offerings remain at the magnet schools. Read Now

3. Most Teachers Say School Discipline Is Inconsistent or Inadequate

Two-thirds of U.S. teachers say discipline policies are inconsistently enforced in their schools, and 38% attribute a decline in suspensions to “higher tolerance for misbehavior,” according to the results of a survey released Tuesday by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute. Read Now

2. California’s Largest Teachers Union Spent $1 Million a Month to Restrict Charter Schools

The state’s biggest teachers union spent more than $1 million a month since April to influence lawmakers as it pushed bills aimed at cracking down on charter schools, financial disclosure forms filed ahead of a Wednesday deadline show. Read Now

1. Poll: 78% of Americans Support Public School Choice, 58% Support Use of Tax Dollars for Charter or Private Schools

More than three in four Americans think that parents should be able to decide which public school their child attends, according to a new poll. Read Now

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