Countdown: 10 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Three Sexual Misconduct Allegations a Day in Chicago, Teachers Aren’t Buying into Cultural Bias Training, Charter Schools Not Driving Resegregation and More

10. Michael Bloomberg to the NAACP: Most Democrats Running for President ‘Want to Take Options Away from Our Kids’

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Wednesday called on attendees at the NAACP’s annual convention to “demand more” of the 2020 presidential contenders on the issue of education. Read Now

9. In a Bitter Court Battle, Wisconsin District Seeks to Block Opening of Christian School in Vacant Building

It’s a conflict with potential ripple effects in rural school districts across Wisconsin. Read Now

8. Private School Choice Programs in Florida and Milwaukee Boost College Graduation Rates, Research Finds

The report evaluates how well some school choice programs prepare students for college by examining college enrollment and completion data. Read Now

7. Homeschoolers Are Becoming More Diverse — And So Are Their Motivations

The ranks of black and Hispanic homeschoolers have grown dramatically. Parents of students with disabilities have developed customized programs of therapy and support. Some LGBTQ youth have taken to homeschooling to escape bullying and peer pressure. Read Now

6. Study Shows Charter Schools Are Not Driving Resegregation of Schools

Charter advocates argue that decoupling school assignment from already intensely segregated residential neighborhoods should lead to more integrated schools. Charter critics, however, allege that these public schools of choice are instead driving resegregation. Read Now

Countdown Halftime — #CommentaryOfTheWeek:

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CAMPBELL: Don’t Make Black Kids the New ‘Cotton’ That Funds Failing Public Schools

Instead of protecting our rights, the NAACP is going along with labor unions and trying to shut down our schools. Read Now

5. Forget Math and Reading — Proposed Curricular Initiative for New York City Schools Would Focus on Racial Privilege and Activism

The controversial initiative is part of an overall policy by Carranza that also includes a widespread desegregation plan to combat what education officials have referred to as “implicit bias’’ in the system. Read Now

4. ‘Slap in the Face to Teachers’? Civil Rights Commission Says Black Students Receive Harsher Discipline

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights calls attention to pervasive racial disparities in student discipline in a new report, but is drawing criticism for a more controversial conclusion. Read Now

3. How MS-13 Gang’s Bloody Campaign Spilled into a California High School

The high school has emerged as a disturbing backdrop to what authorities describe as a reign of terror in the San Fernando Valley by the notoriously violent street gang with a strong presence in both the U.S. and El Salvador. Read Now

2. As Schools Hold Seminars to Confront ‘Cultural Biases,’ Teachers Aren’t Buying In

Such practices appears to be growing. All 50 states have incorporated some aspects of culturally responsive pedagogy into their professional teaching standards. Read Now

1. Unfathomable: Nearly 3 Sexual Misconduct Allegations Were Made Per Day against Adults in Chicago District Last School Year

Almost two dozen employees have been fired and nearly 100 pulled from schools in response to the hundreds of accusations. Read Now

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