Countdown: 10 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Kids Want to Be YouTube Stars over Astronauts, Print Textbooks Get the Boot, Cyberbullying on the Rise and More

10. More Middle and High School Students Say They Are Being Cyberbullied, According to Federal Report

Online bullying is on the rise among middle and high school students, even as overall rates of bullying in schools have remained steady, according to a federal report released Tuesday. Read Now

9. Closing Failing Schools in Philadelphia Led to a Sweeping Reduction in Crime

The bogeyman haunting education reformers’ dreams has always been the “failure factory.” Read Now

8. More Than a Third of Colorado High School Graduates Need Extra Help to Do College Work

This number has barely budged in the 17 years that the Colorado Department of Higher Education has reported on developmental education needs. Read Now

7. Elementary Teacher Held in Jail without Bond on Multiple Charges of Child Sexual Abuse and Possession of Child Porn Still Earning $90K Salary from District

Parents and community members are appealing to prosecutors not to negotiate a lenient plea deal for a Chicago Public Schools teacher who is accused of sexually assaulting a student. Read Now

6. As Michigan Fiercely Debates State Takeover of Failing Schools, This District Has Had Zero High School Juniors Deemed College Ready in Last Five Years

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s attempt to close the struggling high school in majority black Benton Harbor provoked a furious backlash from the city’s 10,000 residents. Her next move has implications for districts across the state. Read Now

Countdown Halftime — #CommentaryOfTheWeek

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STEWART: Hey, Bill de Blasio, I Was Once a Charter School Parent — and I Don’t Deserve Your ‘Hate’

I don’t deserve to be hated for doing that, especially by someone who is a candidate for the highest office in the country where I pay taxes; a country for which my grandfathers fought multiple wars, and a country that can’t even bring itself to apologize for its legacy of denying education to my people. Read Now

5. Survey Shows Military Families Overwhelmingly Support School Choice

72 percent of respondents favored education savings accounts. Only 34 percent would prefer to send their children to a traditional public school. Read Now

4. CREDO: Academic Growth of Maryland Charter Students, Especially Those Who Are Black or Hispanic, Outpaces District School Peers

The student gains were the equivalent of them getting about an extra month of learning over the typical 180-day school year. Read Now

3. Pearson, World’s Biggest Education Publisher, to Phase Out Print Textbooks in Favor of ‘Digital First’ Strategy

The CEO of Pearson, John Fallon, said that the company had changed its business model “to deliver affordable, convenient and personalized digital materials to students.” Read Now

2. Complaint: Los Angeles District Is Hiding Information from the Public about $1 Billion in Funding for High-Needs Students

The funding accounts for about 15% of the district’s annual budget, and the community is supposed to be involved in how the money is spent. Read Now

1. 50 Years after the Moon Landing, American Kids Say They Would Much Rather Be YouTubers than Astronauts

Only in China did children have a clear preference for being an astronaut—or rather, a taikonaut—over other potential professions. Read Now

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