Countdown: 10 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

SCOTUS to Hear School Choice Case, Dysfunction at District Schools, Teachers Unaware of Right to Opt Out and More

10. Grand Jury Report: Oakland District Is Failing Its Students

The report cites a range of problems including mismanagement, favoritism, disregard for authority among mid-level management, and a lack of accountability. Read Now

9. Really, in North Dakota? 412 Incidents of Student Violence against Bismarck Teachers Reported Last School Year

From November 2017 to May 2018, there were 348 incidents reported. From July 2018 to last month, there were 412 incidents reported. Read Now

8. Colorado Teachers Union Protest Against DeVos Turns Vulgar

A rally organized by the largest teachers union in Colorado protesting a visit by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos became vulgar as some of the demonstrators held signs depicting a hand giving a middle finger and another sign that said, “Report Card – Betsy DeVos F U.” Read Now

7. Sports as an Example of Striving for Excellence: How Escaping Dangerous, Failing High Schools Was Critical to Many NBA Players’ Success

An analysis shows many of the NBA top draft picks in 2019 have similar educational backgrounds. Read Now

6. Anecdote of Dysfunction: Schools Are Installing ‘Aggression Detectors’ to Monitor Students

By deploying surveillance technology in public spaces like hallways and cafeterias, device makers and school officials hope to anticipate and prevent everything from mass shootings to underage smoking. Read Now

Countdown Halftime — #CommentaryOfTheWeek:

Upset Student Leaning against School Lockers
photo: rawpixel

REES: The Charter School Backlash Will Hurt Kids across America

This graduation season, millions of students are celebrating as years of hard work finally pay off in high school diplomas and college degrees. But the feeling isn’t universal. Read Now

5. Heartbreaking Dysfunction: Investigation Reveals Chaos in Providence Schools

Students in the Providence public schools aren’t learning much, bullying and fighting are rampant, bad teachers are nearly impossible to fire, and a thicket of bureaucracy makes it difficult to know who is in charge. Read Now

4. Poll Shows Majority of Teachers Unaware of Right to Opt Out of Union Membership

A YouGov poll of 1,000 educators found 77 percent had not heard of the landmark case and 52 percent were unaware that they could continue to work without paying dues or fees. Read Now

3. Federal Judge Upholds Maine Law that Excludes Religious Schools from School Choice Program

The judge did not issue a definitive opinion about a central argument in the lawsuit, saying that will be decided by higher courts. Read Now

2. West Virginia Senate Passes Omnibus Education Bill, Which Will Allow Charter Schools to Open for the First Time

Bringing the special session on education betterment to all but an end, the West Virginia Senate passed the House of Delegates’ remake of the state Senate’s education reform package on Monday. Read Now

1. United States Supreme Court to Hear Montana School Choice Case

The state’s highest court had struck down the program because it violated the Montana constitution’s ban on state aid to religious organizations. Read Now

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