Countdown: 10 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

U.S. Won't Meet Graduation Rate Goal, School Discipline Reform Does More Harm Than Good, a Valedictorian Calls Out School's Failures and More

10. DOJ Backs Maine Families Suing over Exclusion of Religious Schools from School Choice Program

The “Statement of Interest” filed Monday supports a lawsuit that targets the state’s longstanding tuition policy for students in districts that don’t have a high school. Read Now

9. Analysis: School Discipline Reform Is Doing More Harm Than Good

School and system leaders should, of course, take their bearings not only from academic studies but also from the perspective of teachers. Read Now

8. Oregon Teachers Sue Union for Not Letting Them Quit as Lawmakers Pass Bill to Make It More Difficult

Three Oregon school employees sued their union in federal court Tuesday, arguing it’s unfair that the union only lets members drop out and stop paying dues during the month of September. Read Now

7. Parents File Civil Rights Lawsuit against Massachusetts over Alleged Unequal School Funding

The 98-page lawsuit contends the spending gaps between poor and well-to-do systems have been widening for years, enabling affluent students to have the best public education money can buy. Read Now

6. More Charter Schools Translates to Fewer Homeschoolers, Study Says

It’s hard to compete with free. More charter schools in a given area could reduce the number of homeschoolers, new research finds. Read Now

Countdown Halftime — #CommentaryOfTheWeek:

Surprised Female Graduate
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FINN: Is Dumbing-Down Why Graduation Rates Are Up?

We can’t rule out “dumbing down” as one explanation for rising high school graduation rates, and there’s now provocative evidence that it’s also contributing to rising college graduation rates. Read Now

5. As North Carolina Lawmakers Disagree over Licensing Issue, Jobs of Teachers Who Failed Exam Are in Limbo

Teachers across North Carolina face losing their jobs in less than three weeks as state lawmakers try to work out a deal over whether to give educators more time to pass their licensure exams. Read Now

4. ‘Thank You for Letting Me Fend for Myself’: Valedictorian Blasts School Staff’s Negligence and Teacher’s ‘Alcoholism’

Graduation is supposed to be one of the happiest events for students, instead the San Ysidro High School valedictorian took to the podium to call out a teacher and other staff in her commencement address that has since gone viral. Read Now

3. Dem Presidential Candidates Calibrate Charter School Positions to Fit Teachers Unions’ Demands

Charter schools are increasingly falling out of favor with the party’s current crop of presidential candidates, who are aggressively courting teachers unions in a crowded field, and embracing education proposals more in tune with their demands. Read Now

2. Pennsylvania Governor Plans to Veto School Choice Expansion Because It ‘Distracts’ from Educating Every Kid through Public Schools

“I’ve seen enough to know that this is not something I think is good for Pennsylvania,” Governor Tom Wolf said after an event in Philadelphia. Read Now

1. 2019 Grad Nation Report: US Won’t Meet 90% Graduation Goal by 2020

An additional 199,466 students would have needed to graduate on time in 2017 to reach that goal. Read Now

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