Countdown: 20 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Teachers Union Proposes Nuclear Option, California Approves Controversial Sex Ed, 25,000 Take Part in Oregon Teacher Walkout and More

20. San Francisco Teacher on Medical Leave for Breast Cancer Has to Pay for Her Substitute

A San Francisco teacher who is on medical leave has to worry about more than just battling breast cancer. Read Now

19. Teachers Unions Begin Vetting 2020 Dems

“Educators plan to be front and center in this conversation,” NEA President Lily Eskelsen García said. Read Now

18. Study: Parents of Different Kinds of Children Favor Schools that Excel in Different Areas

“Generally, the patterns suggests that school output is multidimensional such that … schools that improve academic skills are not necessarily those that improve broader adult well-being,” the authors write. Read Now

17. More Than 900 Nashville Teachers Call Out for ‘Variety of Reasons’

Just over 900 Metro Nashville Public Schools teachers called out on Monday morning again amid protests over funding and pay. Read Now

16. West Virginia Department of Education Report Shows 60% of Attendees of Public Forums to Shape Policy Were School Workers

According to the report, 1,630 people attended the forums, with 60 percent of those being teachers, administrators, and school service personnel. Read Now

15. Report: Industry Credentials Earned in High School Out of Step with Employer Demand

A new analysis of 24 states’ career and technical education (CTE) programs finds the industry credentials students can earn while in high school are not necessarily in high demand by employers nor would lead to a living wage. Read Now

14. Parents Sue District after Teacher Allegedly Educated 8-Year-Old about Becoming Transgender

The lawsuit accuses the school of false imprisonment, negligence and the intentional infliction of emotional distress. Read Now

13. The Promise of ‘Restorative Justice’ Starts to Falter Under Rigorous Research

For proponents of restorative justice, the first two studies are not especially promising with both failing to show clear benefits for these non-punitive approaches to student discipline. Read Now

12. USA Today Profiles Teachers Made Happier by Leaving Public Schools in the U.S. for Private Schools Abroad

An expanding marketplace of international schools stands ready to capitalize on teachers’ discontent. Read Now

11. About 10,000 Colorado Students Drop Out Each Year, Only about 3,000 Go Back to School

In one out of every seven Colorado high schools, half or fewer of the students who were supposed to make up the Class of 2018 graduated last year — and unless trends change dramatically, many of them never will. Read Now

Countdown Halftime — Which Means It’s Time for #CommentaryOfTheWeek:

Chalkboard Question Marks
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DeGROW and DeANGELIS: Facts Should Matter in the Realm of Education

When it comes to the educational choices families make, the nation’s largest teachers union can’t get its facts straight. Read Now

10. Betsy DeVos Defends Free-Market Approach to Education

Appearing at the national conference of the Education Writers Association, Betsy DeVos said existing schools have failed too many students and the only answer is to give families an alternative. Read Now

9. Three NAACP Branches in California Break with State and National Leaders, Submit Resolution Opposing Charter Moratorium

The San Diego, Southwest Riverside and San Bernardino branches have submitted separate resolutions to NAACP’s state board saying they oppose the moratorium. Read Now

8. Porn or Vital Life Lessons? California Approves Sex Ed Guidance that Includes Gender Identity in Kindergarten, Masturbation in Middle School

Despite large protests, the department unanimously approved new guidelines for elementary school grades. Read Now

7. Memphis’ Third-Grade Reading Crisis: Three Out of Four Students Don’t Read at Grade Level

That’s despite massive spending during decades of education reforms, much of it devoted to closing the reading gap. Read Now

6. Student Killed in Colorado School Shooting Sacrificed Himself to Save Others

A robotics aficionado. A lover of fishing, hunting and automobiles. And a hero whose father says threw himself at an armed student so his classmates could live. Read Now

5. Pennsylvania House Votes to Increase Private School Choice Program by $100 Million

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives has moved ahead a proposal to expand a private school tax credit program. Read Now

4. 25,000 Take Part in Oregon Teacher Walkout Demanding Increased Spending on Education

The long-planned protests led nearly two dozen of Oregon’s 198 school districts – most in the Portland area — to close for the day. Read Now

3. NEA Teachers Union Proposes Nuclear Option to Thwart Rebellious Local Affiliates

So much for local control. Read Now

2. Florida Governor Signs Fifth Voucher Program into Law, Offering School Choice for Up to 18,000 More Students

The new Family Empowerment Scholarship “will help children realize their potential and give parents the power to do what is best for their children,” DeSantis said on Twitter. Read Now

1. House Dems Seek Cut in Charter Funding, Saying Education Department Isn’t a ‘Responsible Steward of Taxpayer Dollars’

House Democrats are proposing a sweeping cut in federal funding for charter schools, saying they are “deeply concerned.” Read Now

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