Countdown: 20 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

NEA Gives Charter Schools an F, House Dems Propose $4B More for Education, the Gender Gap Grows and More

20. Excuses, Boredom, Chaos: What KY Officials Found at 21 Low-Performing Schools in State’s Largest District

A “perception existed among some students that they could do whatever they want without fear of consequences.” Read Now

19. NEA Teachers Union: Accounting for Inflation, Average Teacher’s Salary Has Declined 4.5%

Average starting salaries for teachers with a bachelor’s degree increased slightly last year from $38,701 to $39,249. Read Now

18. Arizona Republic Newspaper Challenged for Misreporting Facts about School Choice Legislation

The main thing revealed by a two-year investigation is just how easily confirmation bias can lead even the most seasoned journalists astray. Read Now

17. Unionized Teachers at Three Chicago Charter Schools Go on Strike

Unionized educators halted classes and hit picket lines at three Chicago schools Thursday morning, as part of a coordinated strike that marks the latest phase in a citywide wave of labor unrest at taxpayer-funded campuses. Read Now

16. NY Times as Teacher: Publishes ‘Teaching Activities’ that Are ‘Written Directly to Students’ to Advance a Racial Segregation Narrative

Racial segregation in public education has been illegal for 65 years in the United States. Read Now

15. High School May Remove 83-Year-Old George Washington Mural Because It ‘Traumatizes Students’

Advocates for keeping the 83-year-old mural say that removing it ignores the intent of the artist and represents an attempt to erase history. Read Now

14a. North Carolina Teachers March in Raleigh to Demand Higher Pay, More Medicaid Funding

So many school employees requested Wednesday off that more than 850,000 public school students across North Carolina had the day off because there weren’t enough substitute teachers to safely hold classes. Read Now

14b. Thousands of South Carolina Teachers March at the State Capitol to Demand Higher Pay, Smaller Class Sizes

The teachers, organized by the group SC for Ed under the social media hashtag #AllOutMay1, have been asking the Republican-controlled state Legislature for higher wages and smaller classroom sizes. Read Now

13. Four Virginia Districts Declare Support for Student in Bathroom Case, Claim Thousands of Students Identify as Transgender

Four northern Virginia school systems are weighing in on a landmark case involving a teenager embroiled in a years-long legal fight over an attempt to use the boys’ restroom at school. Read Now

12. In Pursuit of a Better Education for Their Disabled Children, Maryland Parents Often Lose Legal Battles

In the past five years, they’ve lost more than 85 percent of the time, state education department documents show, even after investing tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours in pursuit of a better education for their children. Read Now

11. Teachers Say Unions Keep Deducting Dues Without Consent

Just a few weeks before school let out last May, unexpected visitors showed up in Bethany Mendez’s classroom. Read Now

Countdown Halftime, and You Know What that Means: #CommentaryOfTheWeek

Red For Ed Teachers at Protest
photo: Gage Skidmore/flickr

WATERS: I’m Celebrating Teachers But I’m Not Celebrating Their Unions

How have teachers union leaders become so disconnected from those they represent? Read Now

10. San Diego District Limiting Families’ Choices to Boost Enrollment at Unpopular Schools

District leaders are offering fewer school choice spots as they worry popular schools are drawing away students from neighborhood schools. Read Now

9. Tennessee Lawmakers Approve Education Savings Account Bill, Sending It to the Governor

After months of deliberations and near-constant changes, Tennessee’s school choice legislation is now headed to the desk of Gov. Bill Lee. Read Now

8. Boston Public Schools Sending Teachers to Mandatory ’Cultural Proficiency Seminars’ on Racial Bias

As first period gets underway at Cambridge Street Upper School, veteran math teacher Stephen Abreu leads a small-group discussion. But the conversation isn’t about middle school algebra. Read Now

7. Pennsylvania Bill Would Expand Tax Credit Scholarship Program by $100 Million, Raise Income Limits for Families

That’s not all: The bill has a provision that would allow for automatic increases in future years. Read Now

6. NEA Teachers Union Rates State Charter School Laws, Gives ‘F’ Grade to 40 of 46 Programs

NEA believes that public charter schools must meet four key requirements. Read Now

5. U.S. News Announces Expanded 2019 Best High Schools Rankings

Now more than 17,000 schools nationwide are numerically ranked – up from last year’s 2,700 schools. Read Now

4. Gallup Poll: 54% of U.S. Adults Say Teachers Are Unprepared to Handle Discipline

Less than half of U.S. adults (43%) believe teachers are “very prepared” or “prepared” to handle discipline issues in the classroom — while a slight majority, 54%, say they are “unprepared” or “very unprepared.” Read Now

3. Gender Gap Grows: Girls Outperform Boys by Five Full Points on NAEP’s Technology and Engineering Test

With increased attention on technology-related subjects during the past few years, how are U.S. students actually faring? Read Now

2. House Democrats Unveil Proposal that Would Increase Spending on Education by $4 Billion

A House subcommittee on Tuesday approved a 2020 appropriations bill with big boosts for education programs, but Republicans are already throwing cold water on such a large uptick in spending. Read Now

1. 86% of L.A. Charter School Grads Meet State College Eligibility — 24 Percentage Points Higher Than District Grads

In both systems, about 4 in 5 students are minorities from low-income families — and some would be first-time college-goers. Read Now

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