Countdown: 20 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

School Choice Proposed for Military Families, Teachers Unions Try to Capitalize on Activism, Trump Administration Ordered to Reinstate Special Ed Policy and More

20. NEA Teachers Union Partners with LGBT Group to Read Transgender Book to Kindergartners

Lily Eskelsen García, president of the union, said the support was especially urgent because the Trump administration has reversed guidance intended to protect transgender students. Read Now

19. How the CA Agency That Investigates Teacher Misconduct Plans to Dig Itself Out from a Mountain of Cases

The case backload and other potential missteps by the commission can mean problem educators remain in classrooms, working with children. Read Now

18. Houston Chronicle Investigation: Texas’ School Endowment Missing Out on as Much as $12 Billion in Growth

The Permanent School Fund has failed to match the performance of peer endowments, missing out on as much as $12 billion in growth and amassing a risky asset allocation, a yearlong Houston Chronicle investigation reveals. Read Now

17. NYC District Can’t Fire Assistant Principal Convicted of Stabbing His Wife’s Ex-Lover

The city Department of Education then tried to fire Vincent Scotto, saying it doesn’t run a “jobs program for people convicted of violent behavior.” Read Now

16. Ivanka Trump Promotes Alternatives to Four-Year College Degrees

In her role as adviser to the president, Ivanka Trump has been working to address some of the holes in the growing U.S. economy, especially when it comes to education. Read Now

15. 7-Day Oakland Teachers Strike Ends, Union Agrees to Deal Including 11% Raises over 4 Years, Plus One-Time 3% Bonus

A contract that runs through the 2020-21 school year was supported by 58 percent of teachers and staff. Read Now

14. MN Appeals Court Rules Boys Must Be Allowed to Compete on Girls High School Dance Teams

“Students who are denied the opportunity to join their schools’ sports teams because of their sex may suffer irreparable harm,” Justice Michael Melloy wrote in the appeals court opinion. Read Now

13. ‘Common Sense Regulations’ or ‘An Extended Middle Finger’ — How Far Will CA Go on Charter Schools?

The open meeting and disclosure law signed Tuesday—after Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed similar bills twice in prior years—may turn out to be the least controversial part of the Capitol push for tighter charter school regulation. Read Now

12. 70% of Students in Detroit District Chronically Absent Last School Year

More than seven in 10 students in the Detroit Public Schools Community District were chronically absent in 2017-2018, meaning they missed 10 percent or more of class days, according to state data. Read Now

11. AFT Teachers Union Launches Six-Figure Ad Campaign to Pressure Lawmakers to Spend More on Education

The union is looking to capitalize on a wave of teacher activism in recent months that has sparked protests and rallies nationwide. Read Now

Countdown Halftime — #CommentaryOfTheWeek:

People Working at Mechanical Workshop
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ST-ESPRIT: The Stigma of Choosing Trade School Over College

When college is held up as the one true path to success, parents—especially highly educated ones—might worry when their children opt for vocational school instead. Read Now

10. ‘It Was Such a Blessing’: Illinois Families Fight to Keep Private School Choice Program Alive

Less than two years after Illinois started using taxpayer dollars to send students to private schools, newly-elected Democratic Gov. JB Pritzker wants to kill the scholarship program that benefits more than 7,000 students. Read Now

9. NY Private Schools Sue to Block State from Delegating Increased Oversight Authority to Local School Officials

Some of the city’s top private schools say state education officials intend to trample their autonomy. Read Now

8. 2018 Teacher Protests Had Limited Impact on School Spending Increases, According to Report

While school spending increased in some states where educators went on strike, an updated analysis finds many finance formulas remain at pre-recession levels. Read Now

7. With State Approval of 13 New Applications, No New Charter Schools Can Open in NYC for Now

Under state law, just seven spots remained for charter schools to open. On Monday afternoon, the Board of Trustees for the State University of New York approved 13 applications. The board chose seven that should be allowed to open immediately and gave “pre-approval” to six others. Read Now

6. Federal Judge Rules Trump Administration Must Reinstate Obama-Era Special Education Policy

The U.S. Department of Education can’t delay implementation of a regulation aimed at preventing certain students from being wrongly placed in special education, a federal judge has ruled. Read Now

5. Betsy DeVos to Speak at the Education Writers Association’s National Conference

This will mark the first time she has appeared at an EWA event. Read Now

4. At Least 4 Kentucky School Districts Close amid Teacher ‘Sickouts’ over School Choice Legislation

Hundreds of teachers called in sick to continue protesting what they believe to be anti-public education proposals in the state legislature. Read Now

3. After Losing 2 Major Locals, NEA Teachers Union Is Creating Roadblocks to Keep More from Seceding

If losing fee payers and a percentage of members is troublesome, how much worse is the loss of an entire local affiliate? Read Now

2. TN Governor Unveils $37.4M Plan for School Choice Initiatives, Including ESAs and Charter Facility Funding

Gov. Bill Lee ended months of speculation Monday when he told lawmakers he wanted $25 million for a school voucher program that would let thousands of students in low-performing districts use state money for private education. Read Now

1. U.S. Senators Unveil Proposal to Create Education Savings Accounts for Military Families

The Education Savings Accounts for Military Families Act of 2019, introduced Thursday, would create the accounts for military families to use on a variety of education services. Read Now

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