Countdown: 20 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Betsy DeVos' School Choice Bombshell, Teachers Failing Exams, Personalized Education Funding and More

20. Oakland Parents Lead ‘Strike Schools’ in Homes as Negotiations Continue

Many of these at-home schools have popped up across the district. Read Now

19. U.S. House Education Committee Passes Plan to Spend $100 Billion on Repairs, Upgrades for Schools

Tuesday’s vote in favor of the Rebuild America’s Schools Act signalled committee Democrats’ willingness to work quickly on one of their top declared priorities for this Congress. Read Now

18. Civics Teachers Explain Why Civics Isn’t Important

A majority of Americans today would fail a U.S. Citizenship test. In fact, six in 10 surveyed recently did. Read Now

17. Washington State Senate Passes Bill That Would Mandate Sex Ed Starting in Kindergarten

School districts would be required to adopt comprehensive, medically accurate policies for sexual health education for all grades by the 2021 school year, according to the bill. Read Now

16. Study: Private School Choice Helps Students Avoid Prison and Unplanned Pregnancies

Schools are expected to help shape the character skills needed to live a good life and contribute to society. Read Now

15. Transgender Sprinters Finish 1st, 2nd at Connecticut Girls Indoor Track Championships

Connecticut is one of 17 states that allow transgender high school athletes to compete without restrictions. Read Now

14. Wyoming District to Reopen School in the Fall to Serve One Kindergartner

That school, which has previously served the same family, was closed about a decade ago. Read Now

13. Proposed Legislation Would Substantially Curb Growth of California Charter Schools

The chairman of the Assembly Education Committee and several Democratic colleagues introduced a package of bills Monday that would impose severe restrictions on the growth of charter schools. Read Now

12. How 65,000 American Teachers Are Teaching Over Half a Million Chinese Students Online

Who teaches as many students as the Los Angeles Unified School District and has on its platform as many teachers as New York City? A China-based global education technology startup valued at over $3 billion. Read Now

11. West Virginia Teachers, Parents: We’re Scared To Disagree With Striking Teachers Unions

While opponents of school choice are speaking loudly and with one voice, the many West Virginians who want school choice, or are simply fed up with the strikes, are remaining mostly quiet. Read Now

Countdown Halftime OPINION FEATURE:

Sad Student in Hallway Sitting against Lockers

SANZI: Supporting Educational Freedom Is One Way to Show We Care About Mental Health and Teen Suicide

Debates about school choice often center around test scores and academic indicators but a child’s experience in school encompasses far more than academic outcomes. Read Now

10. Teachers from Nearby Districts Stage ‘Sick Out’ to Join Oakland Picket Lines instead of Teaching

Oakland teachers are getting support during their strike. Teachers from nearby school districts called for a sickout. Read Now

9. Study Finds Low-Performing TN Teachers More Likely to Be Reassigned to Early Grades Free of High-Stakes Tests

Tennessee’s education insiders have whispered for years that some elementary school principals were moving their least effective teachers to critical early grades, which are free of high-stakes tests. Read Now

8. Report: 54% of Prospective Elementary Teachers Fail Licensing Exam on First Try

A new report from the National Council on Teacher Quality points a finger at the nation’s teacher education programs for not requiring their students to take the courses needed to pass the exams. Read Now

7. Texas Lawmakers Consider ‘Outcomes-Based’ Ed Funding, Rewarding Schools When Students Excel

Texas lawmakers are considering a plan designed to improve school performance that’s as simple as it is daring: Reward campuses with more money when students excel. Read Now

6. Kentucky Teachers Stage ‘Sickout’ over Latest Pension Bill, Forcing Districts to Close

KY 120 United, a group that formed during teacher protests over the pension reform bill last year, called for the sickout Wednesday evening on social media. Read Now

5. $773 Million Later, NYC Mayor Ends Initiative that Failed to Improve Long-Struggling Schools

The end of the initiative, called Renewal, is a blow to Mr. de Blasio, who had hoped that success would bolster his effort to build a national reputation for innovative policies. Read Now

4. How Routing Dollars to Students Instead of Schools Could Fund a More Nimble System

In a more nimble public education system, all students would have equitable access to learning opportunities during the summer, outside the normal school day, and beyond the school walls. Read Now

3. Janus 2.0: Lawsuit Challenges Unions’ Status as ‘Exclusive Representative’ to Negotiate for Employees Who Want No Part

The plaintiff, Minnesota professor Kathleen Uradnik, argues that appointing a union to speak to the government on her behalf—even though she disagrees with many positions the union takes and would prefer to speak for herself—violates her First Amendment right to freedom of association. Read Now

2. WI Governor Wants to Freeze Enrollment in Private Voucher Schools, Suspend Charter School Expansion

Gov. Tony Evers in his first state budget is seeking to undo expansions of private voucher schools and independent charter schools passed by Republicans over the last decade. Read Now

1. Betsy DeVos Announces $5 Billion Federal School Choice Proposal

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced a $5 billion school choice proposal Thursday, pitching a national tax credit scholarship program that would allow parents to send their children to the public – or private – K-12 school of their choice. Read Now

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