Countdown: 20 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

School Choice Proves to Be Effective Again, Education's Brief Appearance in the State of the Union Address, Another Teachers Union Set to Strike and More

20. SC Lawmaker Characterizes Emotions around Education Bill: Someone on Social Media ‘Threatened to Put My Neck in a Noose’

Emotions are running high in South Carolina’s debate of two education reform bills as lawmakers mull potentially significant changes to the state’s K-12 schools system. Read Now

19. College Board: Nearly 750K High School Graduates Earned AP Test Scores That Qualify for College Credit

More students than ever are earning scores that can translate into college credit, but results are mixed for some groups. Read Now

18. Survey: 45% of Americans Struggle to Read Their Own Handwriting

How would you rate your penmanship? A new survey finds that nearly half of Americans have trouble reading their own handwriting. Read Now

17. New Jersey Passes Law Requiring All Public School Districts to Teach LGBT History

Under the measure, public schools must include lessons about the political, economic and social contributions of individuals who are gay and transgender, starting in the 2020-21 school year. Read Now

16. Poll: 78% of Tennesseans Support Education Savings Accounts

Mason-Dixon Polling & Research, Inc. conducted a statewide survey in Tennessee between January 31st and February 4th. Read Now

15. Chicago Teacher Allowed Her Friend to a Beat Fourth-Grader with Belts in School Bathroom, Lawsuit Claims

The lawsuit claims that the two women coordinated and planned the attack as a form of corporal punishment against the boy. Read Now

14. Idaho Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Expand Mastery-Based Education

The state passed a law in 2015 creating a mastery-based pilot program, an instructional model that is meant to allow for more personalized learning by letting students move on at different rates as they master the material. Read Now

13. CO Superintendent Wants to Close One of District’s Highest-Performing Charters, Claiming Issues with Special Ed

Vega leaders are disputing some of the district’s allegations. Read Now

12. California Governor Asks to Examine Impact of Charter School Growth on District Finances

This would be the first time there has been an in-depth look at the financial impact of charter schools since passage of California’s first charter law in 1992. Read Now

11. Maine Legislation Would Limit Distribution of Books and Materials in Public Schools Deemed ‘Obscene’

The measure drew opposition from a host of free-speech advocates, teachers and librarians, who say they worry that that it could have a “chilling effect” on what schools are allowed to teach. Read Now

10. Utah Lawmaker Wants to Restrict Cellphones at Schools over Worry That Students Are Looking at Porn

Most schools, said Rep. Susan Pulsipher, have internet filters that block illicit websites on their computers or their Wi-FI networks. But students can use the data on their phones to get around those. Read Now

9. Study Says Improving Students’ Noncognitive Skills Raises Grades and Likelihood of Graduating

Fostering skills like self-regulation does more to improve students’ future outcomes than helping them raise their test scores. Read Now

8. ‘No Teachers, No School!’: Striking Chicago Charter Teachers Halt Classes for 2,200 Students

Unionized teachers at four Chicago International Charter School campuses went on strike Tuesday, launching the city’s second work stoppage at independently operated campuses. Read Now

7. After Walking Out of Classrooms across the Country Last Year, Teachers Accuse Lawmakers of Retaliating

The wave of protests that’s still spreading like wildfire could get doused by new legislation. Read Now

6. Florida Students Using Private School Choice Program Up to 20% More Likely to Earn Bachelor’s Degrees

The largest private school choice program in America got more solid evidence of its effectiveness Monday. Read Now

5. Latest Version of WV Ed Reform Bill Caps Number of Charters at Two

Leaders of the House of Delegates Education Committee released a new version of the omnibus education bill following about seven hours of testimony on the bill throughout the day. Read Now

4. ‘A Step Below Hell’: Video Gives Inside Look at Houston School Board’s Dysfunction

Houston district leaders spent four straight hours lobbing blistering accusations of disingenuous, duplicitous and dismissive behavior by their colleagues. Read Now

3. The Problem of Pervasive Sexual Abuse Isn’t Unique to Chicago Schools

As officials in Chicago were thrust into the spotlight on sexual misconduct, advocates say most districts across the country have failed to adequately address abuse. Read Now

2. Denver Teachers Union Plans to Go on Strike Monday after Governor Declines to Intervene

The union representing the majority of Denver Public Schools’ educators announced it will initiate the city’s first teacher strike in a quarter century next week. Read Now

1. Just One Sentence in Trump’s SOTU Dedicated to Education: ‘Pass School Choice’

Discussion of K-12 education was next to nonexistent in the State of the Union address Tuesday, President Donald Trump’s second. Read Now

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