New Report Envisions Practical Solutions to Make K–12 Funding More Equitable — EdChoice Chats

This podcast was originally published on EdChoice Chats.

There is not a single state, yet, that has achieved an equitable, efficient and opportunity-focused K–12 funding system, according to the authors of our latest report.

In The Future of K–12 Funding, education finance Marty Lueken and James Shuls envisioned a new, practical way for policymakers to improve state K–12 education funding systems based on those three core values. As a part of the study, they examined three states’ funding formulas—in Indiana, Mississippi and Texas—to show how each state could (and should) make their funding systems student-based and choice-centered. They also conducted interviews with 13 public and private school officials directly in charge of finance to get a better understanding of what changes schools might face with such funding reforms.

For more information, see the original article.

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