20 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Los Angeles Teachers Strike May Begin, Black Parents Seek Afrocentric Schools, Texas Governor's Scathing Tweet and More

1. Judge Rules that Los Angeles Teachers Strike Can Begin on Monday

A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge Thursday cleared the path for a Los Angeles teachers strike to start Monday. Read Now

2. Countdown Begins: National School Choice Week 2019 to Feature More Than 40,000 Events across America

During National School Choice Week (January 20-26, 2019), millions of Americans will discover school choice options for their own families. Read Now

3. Amid Concern about Racial Segregation, Some Black Parents in NYC Actively Seek Afrocentric Schools

“I love myself!” the group of mostly black children shouted in unison. “I love my hair, I love my skin!” When it was time to settle down, their teacher raised her fist in a black power salute. Read Now

4. ‘Self-Centered Ineptitude Has Failed the Children’: TX Governor Calls for Takeover of Houston District

In a scathing tweet, Gov. Greg Abbott slammed Houston Independent School District leaders. Read Now

5. How the Chicago School District Tried to Hide the Teaching Career of a Serial Pedophile

By his own admission, serial pedophile Thomas Hacker sexually abused hundreds of children in Illinois and Indiana. Read Now

6. CREDO Study: WA Charter Students Learn at Similar Rates as District, Despite Lower Spending Per Pupil

The study is the first in-depth analysis of student performance for the state’s young charter school network. Read Now

7. DC School Voucher Program’s Future Uncertain Under Democrat-Led House

The D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program is funded through this year, but its future is uncertain. Read Now

8. What’s Ahead for Private School Choice Policy in 2019?

The state level is where the main action is expected. And in 20 states, the governor’s mansion has a new occupant this year. Read Now

9. L.A. Teachers Strike a No-Win Situation, Say Families of the District’s Most Vulnerable Students

Parents are experiencing heightened stress in the run-up to Monday’s expected teacher strike. Read Now

10. MD District Struggles with Basic Math: 29% Chronic Student Absenteeism Reported as 80%

Prince George’s County in Maryland reported to the federal government that 80 percent of its students had missed at least 15 or more school days when really 29 percent had. Read Now

11. Data Show NYC Spends $325 Million a Year to Send Students with Disabilities to Private Schools

The cost of sending students with disabilities to private schools has doubled since Mayor Bill de Blasio took office. Read Now

12. New Report Finds 37% of NYC Middle Schools Use Selective Admissions

In New York City, getting into middle school is often a competition over who has the highest grades, best attendance, and top test scores. Read Now

13. Harvard Business School Signals Major Commitment to Online Education with Platform Name Change

Harvard’s business school on Tuesday rebranded its online platform, HBX, as Harvard Business School Online. Read Now

14. More School Districts in Tech Hubs Becoming Landlords for Teachers

While several districts have tried to make it easier for teachers to live where they work, their efforts are not always welcomed by local homeowners. Read Now

15. TN District Struggles to Find Enough Substitutes to Cover 300 to 400 Daily Teacher and Staff Absences

Before December, it wasn’t unusual for a West Valley Middle School teacher to spend some school days standing over a class of 50 students. Read Now

16. With No Plan for How to Use It, MI District Purchases Property to Prevent Private Daycare from Opening

The Ann Arbor School Board voted 5-1 to purchase the property for $850,000. Read Now

17. Oregon Audit: Portland District Systemically Fails Students of Color

After wholesale change in leadership, the district has made improvements and plans more, but it risks taking too long to complete needed changes, auditors wrote. Read Now

18. FL Supreme Court Tosses Out Decade-Old Ed Funding Lawsuit in a Win for Private School Choice Programs

Four members upheld a lower court ruling that terms such as “high quality” are too subjective to be judged, while three justices dissented. Read Now

19. Family Sues over ACT Test Company’s Policy That Test-Takers Give Up Their Right to Sue

Brendan Clare’s family thought his final ACT scores were pretty good. Read Now

20. School Choice Advocates Cautiously Optimistic after Clarification on IRS Rule Affecting Tax Credit Scholarships

The Dec. 28 document clarified that “C” corporations, the traditional corporation setup, may still receive a federal tax deduction for contributions that also receive a state credit. Read Now

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