20 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

George H.W. Bush's Education Reform Legacy, Rising K-12 Education Spending, the First-Ever Charter School Teachers Strike in the Nation and More

1. How George H.W. Bush Laid the Foundation for Education Reform

George H.W. Bush fulfilled his desire – articulated late in his 1988 campaign for president – to be “the education president.” It just took three decades.
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2. Revenues and Expenditures for K-12 Education Increase for the Third Year in a Row, Report Shows

Current expenditures for public elementary and secondary education across the nation increased by 2.9 percent from 2015 to 2016.
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3. Nation’s First-Ever Teachers Strike at a Charter School Begins in Chicago, Halting Classes for 7,500 Students

Hundreds of teachers at the city’s Acero charter school network walked off the job Tuesday.
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4. ‘We Will Go Out to War’: Orthodox Jewish Leader Calls for Defiance of NY Mandates for Non-Public Schools

The Satmar Rebbe was clear in his speech: “We will not comply and we will not follow the state education commissioner under any circumstances.”
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5. CT Governor Malloy (D): ‘Weak-Kneed’ Democrats and Teachers Unions Hold Back Education Reform

The soon-to-be former governor lamented the opposition during his first term to his education reform initiatives from Democrats and teachers.
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6. Hide, Deny, Spin, Threaten: How a School District Tried to Mask Failures That Led to Parkland Shooting

For months, Broward schools delayed or withheld records, refused to publicly assess the role of employees, spread misinformation and even sought to jail reporters who published the truth.
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7. Fired CA Superintendent to Receive $242K Severance; District Lags State Averages in Grad Rate, Test Scores

Instead of having Hugo Pedroza resign, the board chose to terminate him without cause so that he could receive severance pay, according to the settlement agreement.
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8. Investigation Reveals Grade-Fixing Scandal at NY High School in Which More Than 200 Grades Were Changed

A New York City-based firm was charged with investigating accusations raised in an article that the high school’s online credit-recovery program was improperly used to inflate student grades.
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9. AR District Suspends High School Newspaper after Student Journalists Investigate Football Players’ Transfers

“They are like, ‘Well, you raised an uproar, we’re going to try and silence you,’” said Halle Roberts, 17, the editor-in-chief of the Har-Ber Herald in Arkansas.
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10. Family Says Pleas to TN District to Address Bullying Were Met with Broken Promises and Bullying Tactics of Their Own

The bullying didn’t begin with fellow students shoving him into walls and pelting him with food, but it also didn’t end there.
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11. Michigan House Plan Would Create ‘Innovative’ Districts with Competency-Based Education

The innovative districts would advocate “competency-based education” free from state-required curriculum, seat time and teaching style.
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12. As Families Leave for Charter and Private Schools, San Antonio Is Redesigning Dozens of Schools

It’s unclear whether San Antonio ISD’s educational experiment is financially sustainable.
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13. A Tennesse Charter School Teacher Built a Website to Make Learning Physics More Engaging — Now It’s Used in 40 Countries

“I was trying to teach the way I had been taught,” Replinger said of his first years in the classroom. “It was boring and a bit of a disaster.”
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14. 2018 Schooling in America Survey: ESAs Far More Popular Than Any Other School Choice Program

This annual survey measures public opinion and awareness on a range of K–12 education topics, including parents’ schooling preferences, educational choice policies, the federal government’s role in education and more.
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15. White House Announces Five-Year Strategic Plan for STEM Education

The plan emphasizes the importance of computational literacy and the value of blending the arts, social science, and other fields in “authentic” STEM learning experiences.
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16. Federal Legislation Introduced to Expand School Lunch to Weekends and Holidays

Rep. Dina Titus introduced the Weekends Without Hunger Act, along with 28 other Democrats.
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17. At Least 20 Vermont Communities Plan to Take Legal Action over Plan to Merge 45 Districts into 11 New Districts

Efforts to force school districts to merge their boards and budgets in Vermont, a rural state with declining enrollment and rising education costs, have sparked backlash.
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18. Bombshell Board Member Resignation: ‘Our Completely Inadequate Model of Governance is Broken’

Mary Jo Hudson joined the Columbus Board of Education in 2014. She’ll leave her position by year’s end, aiming to work outside the system to facilitate change.
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19. Tennessee Releases GPA-Style Ratings for Schools: Only 43% Score Better Than 2.0

The new report card ranks districts based on academic achievement, academic growth, chronic absenteeism and graduation rates.
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20. Maryland Releases First Star Ratings for Schools: 23 of the 35 One-Star Schools Are Located in Baltimore

Schools ratings factor in not just test scores but whether the school has a well-rounded curriculum and whether students are chronically absent.
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