20 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Support for Teachers, Skepticism about Unions, For-Profit Charters Get the Boot and More

1. USA TODAY Poll Shows Support for Teachers, But 66% Think Unions Make It Harder to Fire Bad Teachers

The survey of more than 2,000 adults nationwide showed support for teachers, but skepticism about unions. Even among Democrats, who tend to be more supportive of organized labor, six of 10 said teachers’ unions make it harder to fire bad teachers. So did three of four Republicans.
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2. ‘I’ve Been Laid Off Three Times’: TIME Magazine Profiles Teachers Demanding Higher Salaries

Like most stories, the fight over teacher pay has many shades of gray.
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3. WA Teacher Making over $80,000 a Year Resigns Amid Strike, Says She’s Fed Up with District

Tacoma Public School teachers say they aren’t being offered raises like other districts in the area and students will suffer because of it.
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4. Two Judges Rule Washington Teachers Strikes Are Illegal, But Neither Impose Penalties

The judges urged both sides to work together to get the teachers back to school.
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5. School Safety Commission: No Evidence Age Restrictions Reduce Likelihood of School Shootings

The school safety commission established by President Trump after the deadly shooting in Parkland, Fla., will not recommend new age restrictions for the purchase of firearms, according to reports.
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6. The Gates Foundation’s New Charter Strategy: Special Education

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s new charter school strategy is taking shape.
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7. Bill Prohibiting For-Profit Companies from Running Charter Schools in California Signed into Law

California has just kicked for-profit management companies out of the charter school business.
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8. Indiana Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging Religious Institutions’ Right to Authorize Charters

A federal judge says the lawsuit didn’t prove that the state’s charter authorization law caused the groups’ grievances.
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9. Florida Supreme Court Strikes Ballot Measure That Would Have Allowed State to Authorize Charter Schools

Justices upheld the decision by a lower court that Amendment 8 misled voters by not clearly stating its true purpose and never mentioning charter schools by name.
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10. Long-Buried Report Concluded Chicago Principal Ignored Warnings in Horrific Sexual Abuse Case

Marvin Lovett was a trusted mentor to students at Johnson Elementary School. He also was a pedophile.
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11. Teacher Avoids Prison, Keeps Teaching License after Pleading Guilty to Performing Sex Act on Teen

The heinous crime, which reportedly happened multiple times, was discovered after another teacher found out by way of the victim’s friend.
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12. Investigation into Grade Changing at Memphis Schools Ends Due to Missing Documentation

The news brought a somewhat anticlimactic end to a 10-month investigation launched with the urging of the state Department of Education.
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13. Fourth Federal Special Education Lawsuit Brought against NH District in Five Years

Beginning in 2012, the state Department of Education placed Manchester in a focused monitoring program, requiring on-site inspections and reviews of student records.
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14. ‘Every Class I Like to Rip It a Couple Times’: Schools Try to Stops Students from Smoking E-Cigarettes

Teens skip class to inhale liquid nicotine in the bathroom, vape at lunch, and even sneak puffs in class while the teacher’s back is turned, according to students and parents.
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15. In 28 of Idaho’s 29 Lowest Performing Schools at Least 91% of Teachers Rated ‘Proficient’ or Better

One thing the state’s lowest performing schools all have in common is teachers who performed at high levels last year, according to their evaluations.
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16. Over 75% of New Mexico Teachers Rated Effective or Higher

The evaluations’ five-year history has been marked with controversy. It has been subject to teacher union lawsuits and protests where educators burned their evaluations.
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17. Colorado Debates Changes to Ratings As Schools Pass While Students Fail

Fewer than half of Colorado third-graders meet state expectations in literacy and just 34 percent meet state expectations in math.
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18. County and State Officials Tell Los Angeles District to Get Finances in Order or Risk Takeover

Los Angeles Unified has to act now, and it has three choices, the officials said: Make more money, cut what you spend, or do both.
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19. Four Little Rock Schools Last Year Had Chronic Absenteeism of Over 40%

The chronic absenteeism rates at the 20 targeted Little Rock schools were as high as 52 percent of the entire student body in the previous 2017-18 school year.
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20. Missouri District to Give $100 Every Month to One Student with Perfect Attendance

How to entice students to show up for class every day? How about paying them $100?
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