20 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Virtual Schools Are Trending, A Petition Calls for LeBron James to Replace Betsy DeVos, a Former Education Secretary Bashes Donald Trump and More

1. Enrollment in K-12 Virtual Schools Increased by 17,000 Students between 2015-16 and 2016-17

Virtual schools are trending among parents. According to the National Education Policy Center, enrollments in virtual schools increased by 17,000 students between 2015-16 and 2016-17 to 295,518 students.
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2. Petition Calls for LeBron James to Replace Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education

The petition had more than 5,000 signatures by late afternoon Wednesday.
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3. Former Education Secretary Arne Duncan: Trump Doesn’t Want an Educated Workforce

Arne Duncan said he doubts the president wants an educated workforce because “it doesn’t play to his authoritarian tendencies.”
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4. Democrats for Ed Reform Poll: Access to a Variety of School Options a Top Priority for 65% of Voters

The poll found that a majority of U.S. voters believe in reform policies such as expanding public school choice and rewarding quality teachers.
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5. As Demand Increases, Minnesota Charter Schools Are Struggling to Find Buildings with Room to Grow

Charter schools struggle to secure affordable and adequate facilities for their students, even in district buildings with ample, underutilized space.
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6. Austin-Area Charter School Attendance Growing by an Average of 25% Annually

Charter schools continue their rapid expansion in Central Texas, and likely will enroll 30,000 students in dozens of campuses this school year..
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7. Judge Refuses Arkansas Districts’ Request Stop Student Transfers Allowed Under School Choice Law

The judge concluded that none of the four districts had satisfied “its burden of making a clear showing that it would suffer irreparable harm without the preliminary injunctive relief.”
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8. Worried about Enrollment Loss, CO Districts Sue to Block Students from Crossing District Lines

Six school districts and the associations that represent them are suing to stop a change to Colorado law that could increase access to school choice.
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9. National Non-Union Educators Association Doubles Job Protections for Members without Raising Dues

After the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in the Janus v. AFSCME case, AAE officials believe that more public school educators and staff are expected to explore their professional association options.
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10. Facing Revenue Declines, Unions Must Use Funds on Costs of Running a Union Instead of Politics

Public-sector unions are facing steep falls in revenue and trying to prevent the loss of members in the wake of a recent Supreme Court ruling.
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11. Randi Weingarten Tells AFT Teachers Union Members to Take a Position on Israel

Weingarten is Jewish. Her union, which counts 1.7 million members in 3,000 chapters, is not.
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12. Report: 15 Cities Where a Teacher’s Salary Goes the Furthest

Job site Indeed recently analyzed job postings and salary data for teachers in the 25 largest metro areas in the United States and adjusted salaries for cost of living.
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13. Texas Education Chief’s Proposal: Pay the Best Teachers More

Education Commissioner Mike Morath said higher teacher pay could help in recruiting, retaining educators.
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14. Los Angeles Teachers Union Schedules Strike Authorization Vote

United Teachers Los Angeles scheduled the vote after the state’s Public Employment Relations Board agreed with the union that talks were deadlocked.
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15. The Wisconsin Governor’s Race Might Be Decided by Education

Voters are “sick and tired of people playing political games with kids in schools.”
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16. State Investigation: Denver District Violated the Rights of Students with Disabilities

The investigation was prompted by a complaint filed with the Colorado Department of Education by the nonprofit organization Advocacy Denver on behalf of five Denver students.
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17. Critics Blast City for Hiding Study That Debunks NYC Mayor’s Plan to Desegregate Elite High Schools

A study commissioned by the city in 2013 found the test was an accurate predictor of students’ academic success in the schools.
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18. WATCH: The Santa Fe School Shooting Survivors the Media Ignored

A small handful of people in Santa Fe responded to the shooting with calls for gun reform. But most, it appears, stood firm in their support for the Second Amendment.
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19. Man Arrested at New Mexico Compound Was Allegedly Training Kids to Commit School Shootings

Authorities discovered the squalid compound last week during a search for a missing toddler from Georgia.
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20. Report: Florida District ‘Did Not Follow Through’ after Parkland Shooter Sought Help Months before Shooting

When he asked to return to a special education campus, school officials fumbled his request.
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