19 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s Record on Education, NEA Teachers Union Executives' Salary Boost, a Blistering Critique of Detroit's Special Education and More

1. Brett Kavanaugh’s Views on Schools and Religious Liberty Scrutinized As the Senate Considers His Nomination to the Supreme Court

Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s choice for the Supreme Court, has defended the use of taxpayer money for religious schools and backed student-led prayers at high school football games
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2. Coalition Sends Letter Calling on Trump Administration to Keep Obama-Era School Discipline Policy

The letter is backed by a coalition of school district leaders, state education chiefs, charter school leaders and education nonprofits.
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3. Trump Administration Delays Obama-Era Policy on Minority Students in Special Education

The Trump administration is officially postponing implementation of an Obama-era rule designed to prevent kids from certain backgrounds from being wrongly placed in special education.
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4. Study: Teacher Collective Bargaining Reduces Earnings for Men by $213.8 Billion Annually

The study catches up with kids at ages 35 to 49, looking to see if those taught under “duty-to-bargain” laws for greater amounts of time had better or worse outcomes than one would otherwise expect.
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5. Amid Planned Budget Cuts, NEA Teachers Union Executives’ Salaries to Increase

The National Education Association’s proposed two-year budget will affect virtually every aspect of operations.
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6. AFT Teachers Union President Touts Energized Members in a ‘Very Terrifying and Dark Period of Time’

Randi Weingarten’s appearance before the Democratic panel was part of a discussion about the influence of “dark money” in politics and advocacy.
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7. Before Janus, Lawmakers in 7 States Moved to Protect Unions, Make It More Difficult to Opt Out

Democratic lawmakers this spring began enacting new laws designed to help labor groups maintain their members and ensuing monetary clout.
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8. Puerto Rico’s School Choice Plans on Hold after Judge Rules Charters and Vouchers Unconstitutional

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló signed a law in March allowing school choice options in Puerto Rico to fix the island’s school system.
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9. Court Rules St. Louis Parents Deserve a Say in Lawsuit That Threatens Their Charter Schools

The lawsuit is one that St. Louis Public Schools launched to get more than $50 million in desegregation funding that has gone to charter schools since 2006.
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10. More Michigan Charter School Students Graduate and Enroll in College Compared to District Peers

That’s in addition to helping Detroit’s young students improve their math and reading test scores.
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11. How School Choice Contributes to City Population Trends: Philly vs Pittsburgh

Since the state enacted a charter school law 20 years ago, starkly different trends have played out in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.
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12. Both Internal and External Audits Produce Blistering Critiques of Special Ed in Detroit Schools

Michigan’s largest school district is failing its special education students by not meeting their needs or identifying them as early as possible to provide necessary services, according to its superintendent and the early results of two audits.
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13. School Strip-Searched 22 6th Grade Girls over a Missing $50 Bill

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit found that 22 sixth-grade girls likely had their rights violated.
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14. District Won’t Let Parents Watch Pro-LGBT Videos That Students Were Forced to Watch

When parents flooded the school office, demanding to see what they were showing kids, the response was simple: “No.”
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15. New Philly School Board Holds Its First Meeting after City Takes Back Control of Schools

A crowd that roundly booed the School Reform Commission, the board’s predecessor, seemed to welcome the new governing body with open arms and enormous expectations.
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16. Teachers Union Files Complaint after CT District Decides to Stop Paying Union President to Do Union Work

The union is asking for an apology from the Board of Education and for the panel to stop promoting participation with groups it considers anti-union.
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17. High Schools Rarely Incorporate Personal Finance into the Curriculum

Only 16.4% of the 13 million high school students across the country in 2017 were required to take a personal-finance course to graduate, according to Next Gen Personal Finance.
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18. Secret Service Report Recommends Schools Create ‘Threat Teams’ to Prevent Shootings

In a new report, the Secret Service offers schools guidance on spotting suspicious behavior and figuring out when and how to intervene.
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19. Report Claims Harsh School Discipline Practices Do Not Improve Behavior or Make Schools Safer

The research sought to better understand how and why disconnection from school happens for many students who experience discipline.
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