20 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

SCOTUS Delivers Janus Decision, Teachers Unions Brace for a Mass Exodus, Ted Cruz Proposes School Choice Expansion and More

1. Supreme Court Delivers Janus Decision: Non-Union Workers Cannot Be Forced to Pay Fees to Public Sector Unions

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court released the Janus decision. “Compelling individuals to mouth support for views they find objectionable violates that cardinal constitutional command, and in most contexts, any such effort would be universally condemned,” wrote Justice Samuel Alito, who authored the court’s opinion in the case.
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2. Unions Reeling, Reformers Celebrating: How the Education World Responded to the Supreme Court’s Janus Decision

Read how major figures are responding to the Janus ruling.
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3. ‘Preparing for the Worst’: After Janus, Teachers Unions Brace for Exodus of Members

The nation’s largest and most powerful unions are bracing for an exodus of members and a substantial financial hit after the Supreme Court decision in the Janus case.
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4. WATCH: National Right to Work Foundation Reacts to SCOTUS Janus Decision

President of the National Right to Work Foundation, Mark Mix, reacts to the decision by the Supreme Court in Janus v. AFSCME.
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5. BOWDON: Teachers Get Respect

If we truly believe teachers should be respected as professionals, the laws about their group affiliations should treat them as such.
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6. Group Launches National Website and 24-Hour Call Center to Help Teachers Quit Unions

You have the right to keep your hard-earned money. Find out how to stop paying money to a union and learn about your rights.
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7. Ted Cruz Introduces Legislation That Would Expand 529 Savings Accounts to Include Homeschoolers

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz introduced legislation that would expand school choice and access to tax-free savings plans.
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8. Billionaire Democrat Running for FL Governor Founded a Private School, But Is ‘Dead Against’ Vouchers

Jeff Greene is a billionaire real estate developer and began calling himself an “accidental educator” after establishing The Greene School in West Palm Beach in 2016.
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9. CO Gubernatorial Candidate Condemns School Vouchers, But Sent Her Kids to Private Schools

Many on the right have long criticized these kinds of arrangements as fundamental hypocrisy on education policy, something Cary Kennedy was asked about at a recently televised debate.
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10. Texas Case Study Shows Bureaucratic Hoops Hinder Charter School Growth

Applications are often more than 400 pages, cost thousands of dollars and are subject to an external review not evaluated by a consistent set of reviewers.
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11. Kansas Supreme Court Rules State’s Education Funding Plan Is Still Inadequate

The Kansas Supreme Court ruled Monday that a new school funding plan is still inadequate, but gave the Legislature another year to fix it.
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12. Analysis: Most Teachers at L.A.’s Worst Schools Not Regularly Evaluated, 97% Get Favorable Ratings

When a local advocacy group set out to see how closely teachers’ work was scrutinized in some of Los Angeles’ lowest-performing public schools, what they found alarmed them.
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13. 25% of DC Teachers Lack Required Certification, Ed Chief Says That Doesn’t Mean They Are Unqualified

The Office of the State Superintendent of Education, which handles teacher certification, said it made the discovery during an internal investigation this winter.
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14. Boston Superintendent Resigns, Refutes Lawsuit Claiming District Shared Info with Immigration Officials

Outgoing Boston Public Schools superintendent Tommy Chang is taking what he calls an “unusual step” during his last week at the helm of the system.
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15. St. Louis Principal Links District Policy of Eliminating Student Suspensions to Teacher Resignations

The district is trying to be smarter about how it searches for and selects teachers to fill its classrooms.
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16. Debt from Unpaid Meals Soared to $356,000 after Denver Ended Practice of ‘Lunch-Shaming’

Denver’s exploding meal debt amounts to roughly 900 unpaid lunches every school day of the year.
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17. Elon Musk Quietly Tinkers with Education at SpaceX’s Headquarters

In a corner of SpaceX’s headquarters in Hawthorne, California, a small, secretive group called Ad Astra is hard at work. These are not the company’s usual rocket scientists.
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18. Microsoft Announces Grant Program to Bring ‘Mixed Reality’ Tech to School Libraries

The Limitless Libraries Fund, which was announced at ISTE 2018, will be open to public, middle and high school libraries.
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19. Google Announces 12 Education Updates, Including Locking Student Chromebook Screens During Quizzes

When Google’s education users return to schools this fall, their classrooms may look different in more ways than one.
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20. Study Suggests Narcissism May Improve Students’ Performance in School

How could such seemingly negative traits have a positive effect on school performance?
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