Bridget Burns, Exec. Director, University Innovation Alliance — The Edtech

This podcast was originally published on The EdTech Podcast.

This episode was recorded at SXSWEDU. A BIG THANKS to edvinca and Class Central for sponsoring this episode.

What’s in this episode?

This week’s podcast features a recording from this year’s SXSWEDU where I interviewed general all-round duracell bunny Bridget Burns of the University Innovation Alliance. Bridget spoke to me about how Universities can focus on better student experience, value, and access through better collaboration and less walled garden approaches. If you’re familiar with JISC in the UK, you may be reminded of some similar methodologies, though I’d love to hear your thoughts as usual! So get tweeting, emailing, or send in a VM for inclusion. 

For more information, see the original article.

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