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Hi everyone and welcome to The Edtech Podcast in takeover this week with boclips. This week we are talking about video in education, teaching and learning. There’s no doubt about the power of video to engage us and communicate new ideas. TED content receives 3.2billion views a year and TED’s youth and education initiative TEDEd grew 47% year-over-year in 2017 – 2018. (Oh and by the way, you can check out our interview with Alex Rosenthal, Editorial Producer of TEDed from last year in episode 70). Over on Youtube, the EDU aspect of YouTube is going great guns hosting original content and making education and edtech stars from the likes of Colin Hegarty, Dianna Cowern and Salman Khan to name but a few. In fact, Khan Academy has more than 62 million registered users.

In this episode we look at how video is supporting learning in and out of the classroom, and some of the barriers to getting high-quality, engaging video within educational settings. Expect Youtuber tips on amazing learning content to check-out on everything from Science to Philosophy and ELT.

This episode celebrates the addition of the Youtube EDU Basho & Friends and Crash Course channels and TEDed to boclips. You can register to the boclips library as an educator or content provider here:

Thanks to all my guests this week, Basho Mosko, Hank Green, Bethany Beaudrie and David Bainbridge!

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