18 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Thousands of Students Walk Out, Betsy DeVos Is Criticized, Military Families May Get School Choice, and More

1. How Education Savings Accounts for Military Families Could Boost National Security

New legislation, sponsored by Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., allows military families to open an education savings account for funding a child’s education expenses. Read Now

2. Students from Nearly 3,000 Schools Walk Out to Protest Gun Violence

Thousands of students across the nation walked out of classrooms and into a political firestorm Wednesday. Read Now

3. Trump Administration Lays Out Plans to Secure Nation’s Schools

“Every child deserves to grow up in a safe community surrounded by a loving family and to have a future filled with opportunity and with hope.” Read Now

4. House Passes School Safety Bill, Senate Has Hearing on Parkland

The House bill attempts to curb school violence by providing more training for school officials and local law enforcement to respond to mental health crises. Read Now

5. AFT Union President Randi Weingarten Plays Dead with NY Governor During Student Walkout

Governor Andrew Cuomo and Randi Weingarten pose for the cameras on #NationalWalkoutDay. Read Now

6. Obama-Era School Discipline Policies May Be Repealed

At the moment, the idea consists of a single line in a White House announcement, but that is sufficient to worry school safety, civil rights and teachers’ advocates. Read Now

7. FBI Official: ‘We Clearly Should Have Done More’ in Florida Shooting

The FBI has acknowledged it receive separate tips related to the accused shooter. Read Now

8. Betsy DeVos Criticized for Responses During ’60 Minutes’ Interview

Her comments attracted criticism from her frequent foes. Read Now

9. Betsy DeVos Fires Back at ’60 Minutes’ after Interview Criticism

Betsy DeVos took to Twitter to defend herself after she was criticized for her ’60 Minutes’ interview. Read Now

10. Louisiana Supreme Court Sides with Charter Schools in Education Funding Challenge

The Louisiana Supreme Court sided with charter school backers Tuesday in a lawsuit that had threatened state aid for about 18,000 students. Read Now

11. Florida Becomes First State to Offer School Choice to Bullied Students

Florida, long considered a pioneer in adopting myriad school choice programs, has earned another mark of distinction. Read Now

12. Indiana School Voucher Use Rises to Record High 35,000 Students

A report on the 7-year-old voucher program shows a 3.4 percent increase over the previous year in the number of students taking part. Read Now

13. Colorado Supreme Court: There’s No Such Thing As Teacher Tenure

The Denver teachers who challenged a landmark state law that allows school districts to put certain experienced educators on unpaid leave lost their cases Monday. Read Now

14. Nearly One in Five Teachers Don’t Report Physical or Verbal Attacks by Students, Study Shows

One in four teachers reported that they didn’t even tell family members about being assaulted or intimidated. Read Now

15. More Than 10,000 Sexual Harassment Offenses in CA Schools, Records Show

Team 10 discovered disciplinary actions for sexual harassment and sexual assault in public K-12 schools are on the rise in the state. Read Now

16. Investigation Reveals Grades ‘Rounded-Up’ to Pass Baltimore Students

It’s the report Baltimore City Public Schools didn’t want you to see. It took FOX45 suing City Schools to get it. Read Now

17. Military Families Feel Deserted after Sex Assaults at Base School

The three military fathers sat at the commander’s conference table on the U.S. Army base in Germany, pleading for help. Read Now

18. Majority of Nation’s High School Seniors Will Graduate Having Never Taken Physics

Physics is widely considered to be a building block for a range of STEM disciplines— science, technology, engineering and math — and taking the course in high school is strongly correlated with getting a degree in a STEM field. Read Now

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