18 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

The Worst High School Shooting in American History, a Boost to School Choice in Trump's Budget, and More

1. Florida School Massacre Leaves 17 Dead, Worst High School Shooting in American History

The morning after the worst high school shooting in American history unfolded, a community struggled to make sense of a massacre that killed 17 people and injured at least 15 more. Read Now

2. Trump Budget Calls for 5% Cut in Education, Adds Grants for Private School Choice Programs

In a similar proposal to last year, the Trump administration said Monday that it wants to spend more federal dollars on school choice. Read Now

3. Federal Education Department Says It Will Reject Transgender Student Bathroom Complaints

Department officials have said they were considering the issue since last February — now, a department spokesperson tells BuzzFeed News the agency’s position is set. Read Now

4. National Teachers Unions Deliver ‘Report Cards’ to Betsy DeVos, Give Her All ‘F’ Grades

One year after U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was sworn in, teachers’ groups delivered “report cards” to her place of employment. Read Now

5. Fewer College Students Are Majoring in Education

College students hitting the books these days are far less likely to be learning about teaching. Read Now

6. Study: Charter Schools Produce More Education Per Dollar than Traditional District Schools

Education dollars go farther in charter schools than they do traditional public schools.  Read Now

7. Mississippi Judge: Charter Schools Are Constitutional

The judge handed an early win to charter school proponents in the first stage of what is expected to be a lengthy legal battle. Read Now

8. Iowa Education Savings Account Bill Dies in Legislative Committee

Legislation to establish education savings accounts for K-12 students in Iowa has been quashed — at least for this year. Read Now

9. Federal Appeals Court Rules AL Neighborhood Cannot Secede as Separate District, Finds Racial Motives

It’s a ruling Gardendale plans to appeal. Read Now

10. New York Dept of Ed Files Lawsuit to Block Charters from Certifying Teachers

The lawsuit claims that the regulations will “erode the quality of teaching” across the state. Read Now

11. Detroit School Board Member’s Response to What Schools Are Teaching: ‘Chilling’

Curriculum for literacy and math in the Detroit Public Schools Community District is so deficient and out of alignment with state standards that one board member called it “chilling,” at a meeting Tuesday night. Read Now

12. Federal Judge Rules CO District Must Reimburse Family for Autistic Son’s Private Education

A federal judge on Monday ruled that the Douglas County School District did not provide an adequate education to a student who has autism. Read Now

13. 1 in 4 NYC Families Don’t Receive Legally Required Special Ed Services, Report Reveals

Nearly 50,000 New York City students were denied special education services to which they were legally entitled in the 2016–17 school year. Read Now

14. WV Public School Teachers Authorize First Statewide Strike in Nearly 30 Years

In a dual meeting, the top two teachers unions in the state voted for the possibility of a statewide teachers strike if state union leaders call for it. Read Now

15. Pittsburgh Teachers Union Votes to Authorize Strike

The union voted 2,309 in favor and 144 against striking, as 94 percent of the union members voted in favor of the authorization. Read Now

16. NC District Votes to End Planned Parenthood Sex Ed after Receiving 1,800 Signature Petition

A heated debate in North Carolina over teaching kids about sex highlights the difficulty for many school districts around the country. Read Now

17. Student’s Science Fair Project Tying Race to IQ Sparks Backlash

The controversial project also included a bibliography and quotes from five books, one a text from 1904 called “The Essential Kafir” that argued South African blacks were intellectually inferior to whites. Read Now

18. Middle School Students Instructed to Draw Picture of Themselves As Slaves

The assignment tells students to draw a picture of themselves as a slave based on classroom discussions about life as a slave in 1850s Texas. Read Now

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