16 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Betsy DeVos Touts Accomplishments, Gender Policies Result in Backlash, and More

1. One of Betsy DeVos’ Proudest Accomplishments in First Year: Curbing Federal Overreach

The secretary reflected on her tenure exactly a year after she was installed in the post. Read Now

2. U.S. Department of Ed Wants to Postpone Obama-Era Policy on Minority Kids in Special Education

Department Press Secretary Liz Hill told The Associated Press Monday that the agency wants to postpone the rule by two years. Read Now

3. Associated Press Says Schools Are Leaving Minorities Out of Gifted Programs

The problem is that black and Hispanic students only rarely submit appeals. Read Now

4. Study: More US Teens Are Rejecting ‘Boy’ or ‘Girl’ Gender Identities

More teenagers are identifying themselves with nontraditional gender labels such as transgender or gender-fluid, according to a new study. Read Now

5. Anti-Obesity Programs in Schools Make No Difference, Study Shows

The researchers, from the University of Birmingham, said families, communities and the food industry probably had more of an influence than school initiatives. Read Now

6. Puerto Rico Governor Announces Plans to Push Creation of Charter Schools and Vouchers

The announcement comes as Puerto Rico faces a sharp drop in enrollment, with 25,000 students alone leaving since Hurricane Maria hit. Read Now

7. More Charters Participating in Portable 401(k)-Type Teacher Retirement Plans in Lieu of State Pensions

For many young teachers, the pension promise is broken. Read Now

8. Enrollment in DC Charter Schools Grows by 4.5% As District School Enrollment Declines

Charter school students now account for nearly half of all public school students in the district. Read Now

9. Why This Charter High School’s Lack of Choice in Classes Isn’t As Limiting As One Might Think

Walking onto a High Tech High campus is like entering a workshop. Read Now

10. Hawaii Parents May Soon Need to Get Background Checks to Homeschool Their Own Kids

Statistics show that about 7,000 children in Hawaii are educated at home. Read Now

11. State Won’t Intervene at California Schools with Some of the Worst Test Scores

Declining performance on math and reading exams alone were enough to trigger state support. Read Now

12. Analysis: More MN Students Graduate, But Fewer of Those Are Proficient in Math and Reading

Celebrating huge gains in the graduation rate masks the fact that nationwide, millions of students are being left behind. Read Now

13. Portland, OR Teachers Union Wants to Limit Access to Public Records

Over the past few years, a series of troubling scandals have shaken Portlanders’ trust in their public school system. Read Now

14. Boston High School Students Attend ‘Porn Literacy’ Classes

About two dozen selected high school students attend every year. Read Now

15. NYC School Cancels Father-Daughter Dance over Ed Department’s Gender Policies

Some parents were hopping mad at what they saw as political correctness intruding on a quaint tradition. Read Now

16. Delaware Proposal Would Let Students Pick Gender without Parents Knowledge

Plans by Gov. John Carney’s administration to adopt a model statewide anti-discrimination policy for Delaware schools is running into serious opposition. Read Now

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