17 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

A District Violates State Law to Block Charters, Students Receive Diplomas against Policy, and More

1. Expansion of Vocational Schools Is Trump’s Only Explicit Reference to Education in State of the Union

“Let us open great vocational schools so our future workers can learn a craft and realize their full potential,” he said. Read Now

2. Why Charter School Growth Is Slowing

Until 2013, the total number of U.S. charter schools was increasing by 6 to 8 percent each year. Since then, that number has fallen steadily. Read Now

3. Detroit District May be Violating State Law to Block Charter from Purchasing Abandoned School

The school district is unwilling to lift deed restrictions. Read Now

4. IL Tax Credit Scholarships on Hold after More Than 24,000 Applicants Flood System and Crash Website

The online registration system shut down due to “extreme demand.” Read Now

5. How Michigan Charter Schools Produce Higher ROI for Taxpayers Than District Schools

For every $1 of taxpayer investment, charter schools produce an estimated $10.01 in lifetime earnings for students. Read Now

6. Traditional Public High Schools in Buffalo Picking Students through Secret ‘Selection’ Committee

The high school acceptance process in Buffalo has been somewhat of a mystery – and a problem. Read Now

7. NC Teachers Union Breaks 48-Year Tradition, Does Not Invite Ed Chief, a School Choice Supporter, to Conference

The state’s largest teachers union is publicly snubbing the state superintendent. Read Now

8. California Teacher Caught on Video Degrading Military As ‘Lowest of Our Low’

A post on Facebook with the three videos was shared more than 23,500 times as of 10 a.m. Saturday. It had nearly 1.5 million views. Read Now

9. Report Reveals 34% of DC Students Received a Diploma against District Policy Last Year

More than 900 students in Washington D.C.’s public high schools graduated last year against district policy. Read Now

10. 83% of Students at One of New York City’s Elite Schools Admit to Cheating, Survey Shows

Stuyvesant High School students haven’t learned their lesson. Read Now

11. FL Proposal Requires Unions to Maintain 50% Membership of Eligible Teachers Or Risk Decertification

Teachers unions across the state are raising alarms, saying the proposed rule could expose public school teachers to major pay cuts and job losses. Read Now

12. St. Paul Teachers Union Votes to Authorize Strike

The union says a strike would sideline 3,100 teachers and other licensed staff, 400 educational assistants and 170 service professionals. Read Now

13. NM May Force Students to Prove They Have Post-High School Plans in Order to Graduate

New Mexico’s high school juniors would be required to apply to at least one college or show they have committed to other post-high school plans as part of a new high school graduation requirement being pushed by two state lawmakers. Read Now

14. New York Will Be the First State to Require Mental Health Education in Schools

Mental health education will cover a wide range of areas, striving to reframe mental health as “integral” to overall health. Read Now

15. SC Bill Aims to Crack Down on School Bullies by Having Parents Share the Blame

The bill would require bullies and their parents to attend a handful of counseling sessions provided by the school district. Read Now

16. 222 Schools Sign Up for Wisconsin’s Statewide School Voucher Program

School choice advocates celebrated the numbers, saying demand for the program remains strong. Read Now

17. Mississippi Senate Committee Approves Legislation to Expand ESAs to All Students

“Parents deserve to choose the best classroom environment to meet their children’s needs,” Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves said. Read Now

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