19 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

National School Choice Week Is Celebrated, Homeschoolers Fear an Increase in Regulations, and More

1. President Trump Proclaims January 21 to January 27, 2018, As National School Choice Week

All American children deserve the opportunity to achieve their dreams through hard work and personal integrity. Read Now

2. U.S. Congressman Introduces Bill Expanding 529 Savings Accounts to Homeschooling

Parents who double as their children’s teacher would get to use money in 529 savings plans for their home-schooling expenses, under legislation recently introduced in Congress. Read Now

3. The First of Its Kind in the United States: Education Savings Accounts for Gifted Students

The Wisconsin proposal calls for accounts of up to $1,000 to be provided to families of students statewide who are identified as academically gifted. Read Now

4. DOJ Files Brief in Support of Christian Students in School Choice Case before MT Supreme Court

The U.S. Department of Justice filed a brief with the Montana Supreme Court in support of three families. Read Now

5. Why New Jersey Needs More School Choice

Unfortunately, New Jersey lags most other states when it comes to school choice. Read Now

6. Kentucky Legislators Re-Introduce Tax Credit Scholarship Bills

Kentucky lawmakers have introduced twin bills that would establish tax credit scholarship programs. Read Now

7. FL Senate Panel Approves Bill Giving Tax Credit Scholarships to Bullied Students

Senator Bill Galvano who is sponsoring the legislation, said the “Hope Scholarship” program is designed to “empower” families. Read Now

8. Homeschoolers Concerned about More Regulations after California Abuse Case

David Allen Turpin, 57, and his 49-year-old wife, Louise Anna Turpin, were arrested on Jan. 14, after police had to rescue their 13 severely malnourished children. Read Now

9. After ECOT Closure, Students Rush to Other Online Charters and Trickle to Districts

The shutdown of the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow last Thursday bounced about 12,000 students out of school mid-year, forcing them to find new schools. Read Now

10. Kentucky Lawmakers File Bill to Repeal Charter School Law

A group of Kentucky lawmakers wants to quash the state’s charter school law before it even gets off the ground. Read Now

11. CA Board of Education Overrules Two Local School Boards to Authorize Charter Schools

“We’re feeling ecstatic, over the moon,” said Yolanda Bernal Samano, a parent leader with Promise. “We’ve really had a long journey.” Read Now

12. Catholic Diocese of Memphis Considers Converting a Network of Schools to Charters

But whether that avenue is open depends on the local district. Read Now

13. Press Briefing Gets Heated after Reporter Asks What Trump Is Doing to Prevent School Shootings

“Let me be very clear on this: The fact that you’re basically accusing the president of being complicit in a school shooting is outrageous,” Sanders told the reporter. Read Now

14. Six More State Plans Under ESSA Approved by Betsy DeVos

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has given six more states the thumbs-up on their plans to implement the Every Student Succeeds Act: Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas, Montana, and New Hampshire. Read Now

15. Many Teachers Remain in the Dark About Pivotal Union Dues Case Headed to the Supreme Court

The awareness level is likely to get a bump in coming weeks as unions work to consolidate support in a crescendo of protest leading up to oral arguments on February 26. Read Now

16. Teachers Union in Minnesota’s Second Largest District to Vote on Strike Next Week

Teacher contract talks continue in St. Paul, but union leaders are aiming to turn up the pressure. Read Now

17. Tennessee Lawmaker Pushes Bill That Would Criminalize Grade Tampering

Representative Antonio Parkinson is pushing legislation designed to put a harsh “deterrent” on illicit transcript changes: criminal prosecution. Read Now

18. Dozens of CA Districts with Worst Test Scores Avoid Intervention by Increasing Grad Rates

Part of the problem, experts say, is that categories such as suspension and graduation rates are susceptible to manipulation. Read Now

19. Under New Performance Goals, Struggling NYC Schools Can Backslide and Still Hit Target

The latest round of goals continues a pattern of modest targets for schools in Mayor de Blasio’s signature school-turnaround program. Read Now

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