20 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Charter Schools and Racial Segregation, Philly's School Climate Catastrophe, and More

1. Watch: Voluntary Association: 7th Graders on the Alleged Segregation of Charter Schools

Do charter schools cause racial segregation? Maybe you should watch these kids first. Watch Now

2. Regarding that ‘Stop Digging’ Idea about When You’re Already in a Hole

The Superintendent of the Illinois State Board of Education has a new recommendation: Spend $7.46B more of state general funds on public education in FY 2019, or $15.7B, a 90.9% increase. Read Now

3. 86% of Voters Believe Vouchers, Tax Credit Scholarships, and Education Savings Accounts Should Be Available in Some Form, Poll Shows

The American Federation for Children and Beck Research released their fourth annual National School Choice Poll. Read Now

4. DeVos Criticizes Previous Administrations’ Ed Policies for High Spending and Poor Results

The education secretary reiterated her belief that the federal government has been too heavy-handed in its approach to education. Read Now

5. 11 More State ESSA Plans Approved by Feds

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos approved 11 state ESSA plans on Tuesday: Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, South Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Read Now

6. Findings from Investigation Reveal Students Across DC Graduated Despite Chronic Absenteeism

A high-level investigation has found that students across the city graduated despite missing more than 30 days of school in a single course, in violation of district policy. Read Now

7. Feds Find Irregularities in Graduation Rates Self-Reported by CA Districts

A federal audit raises questions about the accuracy of the local and statewide numbers. Read Now

8. WV Honors 68 Schools for High Grad Rates Despite Data Showing Many Grads Aren’t College-Ready

School leaders received plaques to commemorate the achievement. Read Now

9. How Discipline Reform Has Created a School Climate Catastrophe in Philly

Several recently published studies paint a bleak picture of the effects of school discipline reform in Philadelphia. Read Now

10. Memphis Superintendent Says He’s Willing to Relinquish Control of Failing Schools to Charters

Such a move would be a seismic shift both in the district’s attitude toward charter schools as well as the methods used locally to improve poorly performing schools. Read Now

11. Charter Schools Continue to Boom in TX and There Are No Signs of the Growth Stopping

Businesses and real estate agents figured out a long time ago Texas was growing. Following a free-market approach, charter schools followed suit. Read Now

12. Lawmakers Side with Charter School in Fight with Detroit District over Abandoned Building

A growing Detroit charter school is poised to win its fight to purchase an abandoned school building. Read Now

13. Judge Sides with Charter Schools, Orders Nashville District to Share Student Info

The school board argued federal law allows the sharing of the information but doesn’t require the sharing of it. Read Now

14. Ohio’s Largest Online Charter Closing, 12,000 Students Forced to Find New Schools

The sponsor of the ECOT online charter school voted Thursday evening to close the school despite parents and teachers begging to keep the school open for the rest of the year. Read Now

15. Judge Rules Illinois 11-Year-Old Girl Is Allowed to Use Medical Marijuana at School

In a decision that may have sweeping effects, a judge has allowed an 11-year-old Illinois girl to use medical marijuana at school. Read Now

16. CT Supreme Court Overturns Ed Funding Ruling That Mandated Major Ed Reforms

The state Supreme Court has overturned a Superior Court judge’s controversial ruling that would have upended the state’s education funding scheme. Read Now

17. Milwaukee District Agrees to Settle Federal Complaint over Discipline of Black Students

Under the terms of the agreement, MPS must, among other things, develop early identification and intervention strategies for students at risk for behavioral problems. Read Now

18. With 6% of Kids in Charter Schools, Survey Finds 36% of Parents Believe Charters Are Better

High dissatisfaction rates makes parent much more likely to consider charter schools for their children. Read Now

19. Over 85% of Principals Satisfied with Teach For America Corps Members, Survey Reveals

Principals who were TFA alumni or who led charter schools were significantly less satisfied with TFA corps members’ abilities than other principals were. Read Now

20. As School Choice Is Criticized for Making Education a ‘Business,’ More Teachers Buy and Sell Lesson Plans

To earn extra money, many teachers around the country are selling lesson plans via online marketplaces. Read Now

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