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7th Graders on the Alleged Segregation of Charter Schools

Do charter schools cause racial segregation? Maybe you should watch these kids first.

An Associated Press story released December 3, 2017, was headlined “US charter schools put growing numbers in racial isolation.” It criticized high minority enrollment charter schools, stating “Those levels of segregation correspond with low achievement levels at schools of all kinds.”

There was quick condemnation of the charters-cause-segregation narrative in the story, proposing instead that many charters were formed and located for the very purpose of serving high minority student populations.

Some of those responses are here:

Education Reformers Decry ‘Social Engineering Ideology’ of Those Who Attack Charter Schools

In a Deeply Flawed ‘Analysis,’ the Associated Press Blames Public Charter Schools for America’s Segregated Cities

The Associated Press Never Complained That MY School Was Segregated. It Was 2 Percent Black.

The Truth About ‘Segregated’ Charter Schools

Associated Press Missed an Opportunity in its Report on Segregation and Charter Schools

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