What Can VR, AR and Simulation Offer Teaching and Learning? — The EdTech

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Welcome to this episode of the Pearson Future Tech for Education Series on The Edtech Podcast. My name is Sophie Bailey and each week, in this series, I’ll be exploring the challenges and opportunities of future tech for education with contributors from across industry, research and academia.

What’s in this episode?

We dip into the world of VR and mixed reality to uncover what high-cost, high-risk learning opportunities are being made more accessible to all by this technology. How are academics measuring the learning outcomes of VR and simulation and what are the quantifiable cost savings and impacts for various learning and training environments? When is VR right for education, and when is it superfluous? We also end our first five episodes with practical suggestions for educators: mindful skepticism, resist fear, understand that you can start small and grow, and avoid technology for technology’s sake. This last one is harder than it sounds – many new technologies wow us but do not have useful application to education.

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