17 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Teachers Union Hypocrisy, Texas' Special Education Problem, Undercover High School Students, and More

1. U.S. Dept of Education NCES Division Reports Total FY 2015 Per Pupil Spending: Up 2.7% from FY 2014

This report contains national and state totals of revenues and expenditures. Read Now

2. Top Teachers Union Leaders Often Criticize the ‘One Percent’ While Belonging to It

“It’s not fair that we have to live paycheck to paycheck.” – Randi Weingarten, American Federation of Teachers president, annual salary $472,197 Read Now

3. Louisiana Teacher Removed from Board Meeting in Handcuffs after Asking about Pay Raises

The Board President said the teacher arrested after Monday’s meeting was not following the rules of board meeting procedure. Read Now

4. Federal Investigation Finds Texas Schools Deliberately Delayed or Denied Special Ed Services

For more than a decade, TEA judged a school district’s’ performance based in part on the percentage of students receiving special education services. Read Now

5. Minority Students in Low-Income Areas Get the Short Shrift in Education, Report Says

Too often, low-income, black and Latino students end up in schools with crumbling walls, old textbooks and unqualified teachers, according to the report. Read Now

6. Why Teachers Oppose New Discipline Policies to Curb Suspensions

In some districts, efforts to curb suspensions result in rushed solutions and even a loss of teachers. Read Now

7. What 7 Young Adults Found Out When They Went Undercover As High School Students

The volunteers, ages 21 to 26, made themselves look younger, and one of them even got braces to look the part. Read Now

8. How #MeToo Is Making It’s Way into K-12 Schools

A push is on for more openness and accountability when it comes to sexual misconduct and harassment at the K-12 level. Read Now

9. Survey Reveals Most Americans Are Concerned about the Quality of STEM Education

Many Americans still harbor concerns about the quality of STEM education in the U.S. and see it as “middling” compared with that of other advanced nations. Read Now

10. MN Supreme Court Hears Case Alleging School District Boundaries Cause Segregation

A Court of Appeals panel dismissed the case in March, saying that whether students of color are getting an adequate education is a question for the Legislature, not the courts. Read Now

11. Ohio’s Largest Online Charter May Have to Close within Days after Authorizer Cuts Ties

The authorizer of Ohio’s largest online charter schools says it’s cutting that tie, which could halt the school’s Ohio operations for its roughly 12,000 students within days. Read Now

12. Over $36M Pledged for New IL Tax Credit Scholarship Program on First Day

Students who come from households with an annual income below 300 percent of the federal poverty level, or about $73,000 for a family of four, can apply for the scholarships. Read Now

13. 40% of New Orleans High School Students Held Back at Least One Year

Forty-six percent of twelfth-graders were at least one year older than their peers. Read Now

14. MS Legislators Aim to Expand Private School Choice Programs Beyond Students with Special Needs

Senate Education Chairman Gray Tollison, R-Oxford, said he expects to have a bill filed by Monday’s deadline, outlining the plan for school choice expansion. Read Now

15. Why Vouchers Won’t Be on TN Legislature’s Education Agenda This Year

For 11 straight years, Brian Kelsey has asked his fellow legislators to let parents use taxpayer money to send their students to private schools. But not this year. Read Now

16. Charter Schools Not on the Menu This Session in West Virginia

West Virginia legislators are putting the charter school debate back on the shelf for the upcoming session. Read Now

17. Lawsuit Says NYC School Punished Girl Gang Raped by Peers and Tried Keeping It Secret

The girl, who wants to remain anonymous, has an IQ of just 71 and possessed an unblemished disciplinary record when she was coerced into a stairwell. Read Now

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