15 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Record School Choice Week Numbers, ESSA Criticism, Millions Spent on Sexual Misconduct, and More

1. National School Choice Week Expects Record-Breaking Number of Celebrations

As education options continue to increase for parents and students, one organization is set to help spread the word later this month. Read Now

2. U.S. Department of Education Looks to Curb Federal Overreach in 2018

Led by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, the department is focused on reviewing rules and requirements issued by previous administrations. Read Now

3. States’ ESSA Proposals and the Dept of Ed’s Approval Process Face Criticism

The process has been somewhat tumultuous, triggering concern from across the education spectrum. Read Now

4. Fake News Prompts Lawmakers to Push Schools to Teach Media Literacy Skills

Lawmakers around the country are pushing schools to put more emphasis on teaching students how to tell fact from fiction. Read Now

5. At Least 26 Districts Across the U.S. Spent $37M to Settle Sexual Misconduct Claims

The 26 settlements were reached in states from California to Connecticut and ranged from $30,000 to $8.25 million. Read Now

6. Study Shows Teacher Merit Pay Systems Boosted Student Performance

While the overall effects of the program were generally positive, less than half of school districts surveyed said they intended to continue paying performance bonuses. Read Now

7. Education Savings Accounts Bill Clears New Hampshire House

A hotly contested bill in New Hampshire passed the state House by a comfortable margin, 184-162. Read Now

8. Chicago District Employees Stole Gift Cards Meant for Students, Watchdog Says

In one case, a principal of a school for vulnerable students stole presents of at least $500 in gift cards. Read Now

9. 21% of Newark’s Traditional Public School Teachers Missed at Least 20 Days in 2016

As Newark gears up to regain control of its schools, one of many challenges ahead will be getting more teachers to show up consistently. Read Now

10. Inside the Fight over San Francisco’s ‘State of Emergency’ for Black Student Achievement

Black students in San Francisco would be better off almost anywhere else in California. Read Now

11. To Inhibit the Growth of Charter Schools, Seattle Board Votes to Oppose Zoning Request

Though the School Board voiced opposition to the request, the decision ultimately falls to the city of Seattle. Read Now

12. North Carolina District Schools to Be Offered ‘Charter-Like’ Flexibility

About 100 schools in the state have received permission to use the Restart Reform Model. Read Now

13. Philly Parents Send Kids on Two-Plus Hour Bus Rides for a Better Opportunity

The routine is customary for an increasing number of Philadelphia students enrolled at Chester Community Charter School. Read Now

14. CT State Board Requires Education of Expelled Students to Be Comparable to Classroom Experience

Homework alone will no longer be enough for the lion’s share of students in the state who are expelled from public school. Read Now

15. NC District Using Restorative Justice Sees Assaults on Teachers and Staff Jump 56%

Possession of weapons increased 15.6 percent. There were 155 last school year, 21 more than the 134 reported the previous year. Read Now

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