17 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

SCOTUS Announces Hearing Date for Union Dues Case, Nation’s Largest Teachers Union Loses Money, and More

1. U.S. Supreme Court Sets Date to Hear Case Challenging Force Union Dues

Janus vs. AFSCME challenges a 40-year-old precedent that has allowed state and local governments to require their employees to pay a portion of their salaries to a union whether they want to or not. Read Now

2. Homeschooling, Higher Ed Provisions Force Last-Minute Tax Reform Re-Do

Sen. Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas, who sponsored the 529 provision, took to the Senate floor to rail against the change, arguing that Democrats are “discriminating” against homeschoolers. Read Now

3. Students Turn Backs and Raise Fists As DeVos Delivers Speech at University of Baltimore

Several dozen graduates slowly rose in protest as Betsy DeVos spoke. Read Now

4. Parents Yank Their Kids from Class As Ivanka Trump Visits School

An unannounced school visit by first daughter Ivanka Trump, intended to be a pleasant surprise, wound up causing some anti-Donald-Trump parents to pull their kids from class. Read Now

5. Investigation: How Drug-Free School Zones Are Little More Than Excuses for Harsher Drug Sentencing

In some cases, police have set up controlled drug buys inside school zones to secure harsher sentences. Read Now

6. Analysis Reveals Nation’s Largest Teachers Union Lost Money in Last Fiscal Year

This can be blamed on several proverbial paper cuts that may get worse as a Supreme Court ruling hits its finances and ability to preserve influence. Read Now

7. How Districts Are Blocking Charters from Using Vacant Schools

Cities have closed multiple traditional schools in recent years and been slow to sell or make use of the buildings. Read Now

8. Private School Choice a Hit with More Than 1,400 Public School Employees in Florida

Their participation further underscores the diversity of parents who value options. Read Now

9. Homeschoolers Now the Third Largest ‘District’ in North Carolina

North Carolina’s growth in homeschooling has outpaced the national trend, making it home to one of the largest populations of homeschoolers in the country. Read Now

10. Growth of Oklahoma’s Largest Virtual School Outpaces Rest of State’s Schools Combined

The state’s largest virtual charter school reported staggering growth for 2017-18, adding more than 4,000 students to its roster. Read Now

11. WA Supreme Court to Decide Fate of Charter Schools — Again

Plaintiffs claim the law violates the state constitution because it allows public funding to go to charter schools run by private groups. Read Now

12. WI Bill Would Create ESAs for Low-Income Gifted and Talented Students

Under the bill, 2,000 scholarships could be awarded in the amount of $1,000. Read Now

13. OR Education Department Does Too Little to Raise State’s 75% Graduation Rate, Audit Says

Oregon’s most recent graduation rate, for the class of 2016, is just 75 percent. That ranks third-worst in the nation, behind only New Mexico and Nevada. Read Now

14. Students from 184 WI High Schools Needed Remedial Classes at State Universities

A report documents the number of Wisconsin high school students who are not academically prepared for the rigors of college despite earning a diploma and supposedly mastering the subject matter in high school. Read Now

15. Why Teachers Accused of Sexual Misconduct Keep Getting Jobs in New Jersey

It’s called “passing the trash,” a reckless cycle enabled by school administrators who fear litigation and shy away from controversy. Read Now

16. NYC Students React to Plan to Close School: ‘We Weren’t Surprised’

“People were happy that the school is closing because the school is not really a great school,” said Sarah Vega. Read Now

17. Study Finds 70,000 Detroit Kids in Schools That Don’t Meet State’s Performance Criteria

An alarming new study shows just how difficult it is to find a quality school in the city of Detroit. Read Now

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