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What’s in this episode?

(A quick update from me with some sad news…then…)

This week we’ve got a throw back to a meet up in October of this year where we looked at demystifying investment in edtech. This episode is one for the start ups listening in, though educators may find it interesting to hear about where money is being spent and how start ups are going about building their innovations around the world. First up you will hear a quick word from Richard Male at the UFI Charitable Fund for Vocational Technology on what funding is out there for post-16 edtech, next a quick word from Jo Sayers at ELTJam with word on investment from publishers SAGE and then into a brilliant speech from Ben Drury, Co-Founder and CEO at Yoto, on “What have I learnt about fundraising and investment in the past 10 years” replete with anecdotes and advice on when to act like a politician and ps. KNOW YOUR NUMBERS!

After that, Jan Matern, CEO and Co-Founder, Emerge Education on who’s investing and how investing in edtech is going down and where the gaps are. Then onto the final bit – a Panel on Demystifying the investment/funding practice for Edtech Start-ups with Jan, plus Vanessa Gstettenbauer, Senior Investment Manager, Founders Factory Ltd, Jessica Stacey, Partner, Bethnal Green Ventures and Daisy Hill, Former, Head, CrowdFest, AD, ZZISH

During this podcast we ask the following questions

• What funding is out there?

• Who is funding what in edtech?

• How to get started?

• How can we make the investment process less intimidating?

• What options are there for raising money?

For more information, see the original article.

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