17 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Obama DOJ and ACLU Collusion Revealed, Educators Worry about Net Neutrality Repeal, and More

1. Documents Reveal Obama DOJ Improperly Worked with ACLU Against Milwaukee Voucher Program

During the investigation, the U.S. DOJ threatened to sue the state of Wisconsin unless the state made changes to the voucher program in a way detrimental to choice. Read Now

2. How Repealing Net Neutrality May Impact Classrooms

Educators rely heavily on technology in the classroom. The repeal vote could impact the way students learn. Read Now

3. CA, PA, MA and 7 Other States Given ‘F’ on Financial Literacy Education

You can count on one hand– that’s right, just one hand — the number of states that do a stellar job of producing financially literate high school students. Read Now

4. Independent Reviewers Say States’ ESSA Plans ‘Mostly Uncreative, Unambitious, Unclear, or Unfinished’

Reviewers found that states were not taking full advantage of the opportunities ESSA presented. Read Now

5. How Ted Cruz Plans to Offer DC Students More Educational Options

The Educational Freedom Accounts Act is part of Cruz’s school choice push, a topic he has consistently backed since his 2012 election to the Senate. Read Now

6. This Is How the Seattle School Board Plans to Prevent Charter School Competition

Seattle’s board of education has been resolute in its opposition to charter schools, and next month will try a new approach to thwart their growth. Read Now

7. Rochester District Accused of Denying Charter Schools Use of Empty Buildings

A new report is critical of the Rochester City School District for not letting charter schools use the school district’s open space. Read Now

8. Mom of Son in Emotional Bullying Video Responds to Backlash over Confederate Flag Posts

In the widely-shared video, Keaton Jones describes how fellow students poured milk on him and stuffed food in his clothes. Support in the form of comforting messages flooded in for the student over the weekend. Read Now

9. Betsy DeVos: Too Many Special Needs Students Caught in Cycle of Low Academic Expectations

Schools must do more than just the minimum to educate students with disabilities, the Secretary of Education says. Read Now

10. Parents Advocating for Their Special Needs Students Feel Trapped by Zip Codes

The law says these students deserve to learn. In some districts, parents say that’s not happening. Read Now

11. Buffalo Teachers Decry ‘Restorative’ Discipline, Saying It Fuels Bad Behavior

A student is sent to the principal’s office for bad behavior – maybe mouthing off to the teacher, cursing or disrupting class. But what’s troubling some Buffalo teachers is that those kids are getting sent back to the classroom with little or no consequences. Read Now

12. FL Appeals Court Rejects Legal Challenge to Special Needs Voucher Program

About 30,000 students with special needs, less than 1 percent of Florida’s K-12 students, currently use the scholarships to attend private schools. Read Now

13. FL Appeals Court: Policy Decisions on Education Funding Rest with Lawmakers, Not Us

A 2009 lawsuit claimed Florida public schools were not adequately funded and did not provide a solid education to all students in violation of the Florida Constitution. Read Now

14. Boston District Defends Itself As Angry Parents Voice Concerns about New School Start Times

Changes to Boston Public Schools’ start and end times are being greeted differently in different quarters. Read Now

15. Hundreds of NYC Students Request School Transfers Out of Fear for Safety

In the 2015-2016 year, students had to produce a police report showing they were the victim of a crime just to request a transfer. Read Now

16. Scope of Investigation into Los Angeles Board Member Has Widened

In the three months since prosecutors filed criminal charges against him, Ref Rodriguez has continued to go about his duties on the Los Angeles Board of Education. Read Now

17.Chicago Schools Chief Resigns after Being Accused of Cover-Up During Ethics Probe

Appearing with Mayor Rahm Emanuel and others at CPS headquarters, Claypool said, “I’m experienced enough to know I have accomplished all I can accomplish here at CPS.” Read Now

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