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What’s in this episode?

The benefits of digital education are many: Enrichment materials. Preparatory resources. Rich visualizations. Distance learning. Blended learning. Remedial Support. Ease-of-delivery. Consistency. Innovation. Automatic grading.  Competitive opportunities. Powerful assessments. Philanthropic initiatives. But, there are challenges to overcome. In this podcast, we hear from Jim Cooper, the President and CEO, of Maplesoft and Nicola Wilkin, Director of Education College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, at the University of Birmingham to explore benefits, challenges and a few best practice tips for embedding online education (including co-creating edtech materials with students). .

This week we are in takeover with Maplesoft to explore the benefits and challenges of online education.

Online education has seemingly exploded in recent years and is a staple subject on The Edtech Podcast.

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