17 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Education Podcasts in One Place, Federal Education Fights, the School Choice Blame Game, and More

1. Choice Media Adds New Smartphone App Feature: Education Podcast Central

The Choice Media smartphone app now offers the all new Education Podcast Central — a collection of timely and important conversations about the future of American education. Learn More

2. Senator Lamar Alexander and Dept of Education Clash over Federal Role in ESSA

Several months ago, Sen. Lamar Alexander phoned Education Secretary Betsy DeVos with a message: Back off. Read More

3. Education Department Wants to Narrow Scope of Civil Rights Work in Schools

That’s according to a document obtained by The Associated Press showing proposed revisions to the department’s civil rights procedures. Read More

4. Feds Roll Back Obama-Era School Lunch Regulations

Lunchroom bosses across the nation are getting a bit more flexibility in what they serve under a new federal rule unveiled Wednesday. Read More

5. Growth of School Choice Prompts New Profession: Public Education Consultant for Parents

It’s a relatively new job title in the public school realm. But there are now people who’ve made it their business. Read More

6. New EdChoice Survey Reveals Most Americans Think K-12 Education Is on the Wrong Track

Get the key findings from EdChoice’s annual survey of Americans on education issues and more, with a special focus on small town and rural families as well as new questions about the role of the federal government. Read More

7. San Francisco NAACP Calls for District to Declare a ‘State of Emergency’ over Achievement Gap

Despite years of targeted programs, San Francisco district schools have failed to close an achievement gap. Read More

8. Attending a Chicago Charter High School Improves Test Scores, Attendance, College Enrollment

“Test scores are important, but so are other things,” said Julia Gwynne, one of the study’s authors. Read More

9. Why Students at the School Where ‘Every Senior Got into College’ Maybe Shouldn’t Have

“You saw kids walking across the stage, who, they’re nice young people, but they don’t deserve to be walking across the stage,” history teacher Brian Butcher says. Read More

10. Chicago Faces Consequence of School Choice: Some Schools No One Wants

At 17 schools, students living within the attendance boundaries scattered to at least 90 different CPS high schools last year. Read More

11. Indiana Newspaper Blames School Choice for Districts’ Financial Issues

Lawmakers developed a system that encourages free-market competition with other public schools, charter schools and private ones. Read More

12. Washington Post Frames Elimination of Teacher Tax Deduction as ‘Little Known Plan’

The educator expense deduction has become a sticking point in the GOP tax debate, with the House and Senate taking it in two different directions. Read More

13. Court Hears Oral Arguments New York’s Teacher Tenure Lawsuit

A lawsuit that could have huge ramifications for teacher job protections in New York made its way back to the courtroom. Read More

14. Report: Only 30% of California’s Ninth-Graders Will Go on to Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

Amid that dismaying projection, researchers at the Public Policy Institute of California also unearthed a surprising finding. Read More

15. SC Has Poured an Extra $600M into Schools Since 2014 Ed Funding Case, But Not Much Has Happened

Since the state’s high court ordered legislators to fix the system — without specifying how — the Legislature has collectively pumped more than $600 million additionally into K-12 public schools. Read More

16. Canadian Union Pushes Teachers to Attend ‘LGGBDTTTIQQAAP’ Seminar

The Canadian Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario urged all teachers to attend a summer seminar on LGGBDTTTIQQAAP. Read More

17. Portland, ME Transgender Policy Would Require Teachers to Disregard Parent’s Wishes

The Portland school board is poised to adopt transgender student policies that goes beyond the “bathroom issue.” Read More

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