Watch: Findings from the 2017 Schooling in America Survey

Findings from the 2017 Schooling in America Survey is produced by the American Enterprise Institute.

From the American Enterprise Institute‘s event discription:

On November 29, EdChoice will release its annual “Schooling in America” survey, which measures public opinion, awareness, and knowledge of K–12 education topics and reforms. Featuring questions that address current issues in K–12 education policy, the survey gauges the general public’s views on matters regarding parents’ schooling experiences, school choice, and the role of the federal government in various policy domains, particularly in education. This year’s report also highlights the opinions of small town and rural residents, a key demographic that has received a lot of national media attention over the past year.

Please join AEI for a presentation of the findings, followed by an expert panel discussion of the survey’s implications for students, parents, public education supporters, reformers, policymakers, and K–12 education policy in America.

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