16 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Philly Charter Advocates Respond, Homeschool Sports Leagues Flourish, and More

1. Will the Disappearance of the Philadelphia School Reform Commission Imperil the Charter School Sector?

On Thursday night, November 16, the Philadelphia School Reform Commission voted to dissolve itself, starting the process to return control of the city’s schools to a municipal school board structure. The change creates uncertainty for the charter school sector. Read More

2. How National Homeschool Sports Tournaments Are Gaining Momentum

The homeschool movement, once criticized for depriving children of opportunities for socialization, has seen steady growth in both regional sports leagues and national tournaments. Read More

3. Education Department Nominees Peppered with School Choice Questions at Confirmation Hearing

The familiar battles that have surrounded Education Secretary Betsy DeVos since her own contentious confirmation remained at the fore Wednesday afternoon as a Senate committee considered two top Education Department nominees. Read More

4. How This Family’s Supreme Court Case Changed Special Education

What the 16-page decision meant was that the Supreme Court had raised the bar. Read More

5. Why Most States Won’t Move Away from Multiple Choice Standardized Testing

Trendy styles tend to flare and fade, only to reappear decades later, back in vogue with a new generation. Education innovation can follow a similar pattern. Read More

6. In a Twist, a Teachers Union Expresses Concern about Tax Increases

In a Tweet posted November 12, the American Federation for Teachers asked how politicians can vote for tax increases on their constituents. Read More

7. MN Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Case Challenging Teachers Union Seniority Protections

The lawsuit claims these rules result in many minority students attending failing schools with bad teachers. Read More

8. El Paso Teachers Union Email Reveals Campaign to Sabotage District/Charter Partnership

The document outlines a number of tactics to block any possible future partnership between El Paso Independent School District and charter schools. Read More

9. Watch: New Jersey Teachers Union Members Unaware Their Dues Went toward Political Campaigns

Many members were under the impression that the money spent on the race was only from voluntary donations. Watch Now

10. New Report Confirms School Choice Working Well in American Cities

Public school choice is increasingly the “new normal” in cities across the country. Read More

11. WA Supreme Court Tells Legislators to Speed Up Ed Funding Plan, Continues $100,000-Per-Day Fines

The state’s highest court said Wednesday it will keep its contempt order and daily sanctions in place in the McCleary school-funding case. Read More

12. Nine School Boards Ask FL Supreme Court to Overrule Legislature on Education Law

Raising the prospect of “irreversible damage” to the public-education system, nine school boards want the Florida Supreme Court to block a massive education law. Read More

13. Education Savings Account Bill Clears New Hampshire House Committee

New Hampshire is one step closer to enacting one of the most expansive school choice laws in the country. Read More

14. Male Student Files Federal Complaint Against School for Barring Him from ‘Girls Only’ Dance Competition

A male member of the varsity competitive dance team at a Wisconsin high school has filed a Title IX complaint with the U.S. Education Department. Read More

15. Worksheet Quizzed Students on Extramarital Affairs, ‘Boy Toy,’ and ‘Trophy Wife’

It began with questions such as “What do you call the father of your father?” Read More

16. At 13 Baltimore High Schools, Students Proficient in Math: Zero

An alarming discovery coming out of City Schools. Read More

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