What Is AI and What Has It Got to Do with Me and My Students? — The EdTech

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Welcome to this episode of the Pearson Future Tech for Education Series on The Edtech Podcast. My name is Sophie Bailey and each week I’ll be exploring the challenges and opportunities of future tech for education with contributors from across industry, research and academia.

What’s in this episode?

With global leaders tweeting about artificial intelligence or AI as the next arms race, and forecasts predicting the near-term decimation of existing jobs markets due to artificial intelligence and automation, episode 2 is a great time to explore the question: What is AI and what has it got to do with me and my students?

What AI is and is not. The difference between narrow AI, general AI and super-intelligence. What type of AI is used now in education, and which AI do people fear, which may never exist? How do students and teachers already use AI to their advantage? Thinking about AI in the context of past educational tools, including the pocket calculator and printed encyclopedia. What questions might teachers want to use when thinking about AI in education? 

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