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Welcome to this first episode of the Pearson Future Tech for Education Series on The Edtech Podcast. My name is Sophie Bailey and each week I’ll be exploring the challenges and opportunities of future tech for education with contributors from across industry, research and academia.

What’s in this episode?

This week we set up the series by asking which future technologies for education should we consider as important, and how should we sensibly approach the impact of future technological change without being at once too cautious or too evangelist as educators?

Setting the stage for the series, we put “future-forecasting” in perspective through a few useful but simple models. We talk about the history of the future, and mindful skepticism. We also delve into the four foci of edtech technologies, mixed reality, data science (AI), biosynching, and human-machine relations, and how these affect education, teaching and learning. 

For more information, see the original article.

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