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Hello! and welcome everyone to this final edition of the ASU GSV Summit Series on The Edtech Podcast. My name is Sophie Bailey and this series has been dedicated to bringing together the whole spectrum of learning and talent innovation from around the world, so do let us know where you are listening in. 

So, what’s happening this week? 

Well, this week I’m in conversation with the wonderful Sandy Speicher, Managing Director at Ideo Education Practice. We talk about the very pressing issue of design thinking in education, something we touched upon previously in episode 80. Sandy works with organizations across the public, private, and social sectors, constantly exploring ways to design more effective and inspiring systems. She and her teams have helped to create a scalable, affordable school model in Peru, strategies to improve schools for the poor in India, digital learning platforms that meet the needs of today’s students, and a new vision for the food system in San Francisco’s schools. We also dip into the parallel universe of Mona Lisa Kitsh.

For more information, see the original article.

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