16 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Special Education Rules, a School Choice Contest, Student Brainwaves, and More

1. Ed Department Rescinds 72 ‘Outdated, Unnecessary, or Ineffective’ Special Ed Guidance Documents

The Education Department has rescinded 72 policy documents that outline the rights of students with disabilities as part of the Trump administration’s effort to eliminate regulations it deems superfluous. Read More

2. At Least 1 in 10 Students Attends a Charter School in Over 200 Districts

That’s according to the annual analysis from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. Read More

3. After Nearly 20 Years in the School Choice Movement, BAEO to Shut Down

The Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO) has been relentless in ensuring low-income and working-class Black parents are empowered to choose high-quality educational options. Read More

4. Families Invited to Share Their School Choice Story in $15,000 Video Contest

Families are being invited to share their experiences with school choice — and win cash prizes — in a nationwide video contest launching this week. Read More

5. Company Working on Electronic Headband to Gather Student Brainwave Data

If Blade Runner had a classroom scene, it might look something like the promotional video by BrainCo, Inc. Read More

6. Hackers Hold Student Data Hostage and Some Districts Pay Up

Hackers looking to exploit sensitive information for profit are increasingly targeting the nation’s schools. Read More

7. Low-Income Kids’ Daily Screen Time Almost Double That of High-Income Kids

For years policymakers have fretted about the “digital divide,” that poor students are less likely to have computers and high-speed internet at home than rich students. Read More

8. WA Supreme Court Hears Arguments to Decide Whether to Overrule Legislature

Washington’s Supreme Court justices on Tuesday weighed whether lawmakers have done enough to fulfill the court’s school funding ruling, known as the McCleary decision. Read More

9. How the Chicago Teachers Union Spends Big on Influence

Since the emergence of Karen Lewis as its president seven years ago, the Chicago Teachers Union has emerged as a leading foe against systemic reform efforts. Read More

10. Kentucky Teachers Union President: Pension Reform will ‘Devastate Public Education’

“The education workforce in the state of Kentucky, their years of experience are shaped like a barbell,” Winkler said on Monday. Read More

11. Principals Say St. Louis Area District Falsified Records to Make Performance Seem Better

They allege that secretaries from each of the district’s 14 schools got together on two so-called “clean-up” days. Read More

12. After Pressing Parents, Memphis Gets Thousands to Opt Out of Sharing Info with Charters

Now board members are left with a choice in the battle over student enrollment: hand over the rest of the names, or face a lawsuit from the state. Read More

13. Chicago Charters Hired 163 Staffers the District Neglected to Tell Them Were Banned for Misconduct

The school district hadn’t shared this employment information with city charter schools. Read More

14. Brookings Institution Says Some Are Harmed and Some Are Helped by Online Learning

Are online courses fulfilling their promise? Read More

15. Enrollment in Wisconsin School Voucher Programs Up Nearly 8%

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction released totals Monday for enrollment in the programs operating statewide and in Milwaukee and Racine. Read More

16. FL District Showing Signs of Turnaround after Complete Charter Operator Takeover

Somerset Academy Inc., under recommendation from the State Board of Education, took over operation of the county’s schools in July to become the state’s first charter-only district. Read More


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