18 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

DeVos' Education Priorities Revealed, Parents Outraged by School Assignments, and More

1. Weekly Standard: Why the SCOTUS Union Dues Case Terrifies Democrats

Unions spend millions donating to Democrats, and this case threatens their ability to collect dues from non-members. Read More

2. Betsy DeVos Outlines Vision and Policy Priorities for Education

The Department of Education details 11 proposed priorities for use in competitive grant programs that “reflect the Secretary’s vision for American education.” Read More

3. On DeVos Backing Away from Federal School Choice, Some Advocates Say Don’t Believe the Hype

School choice advocates say they don’t see a change in Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s public posture on school choice, despite a recent speech. Read More

4. Center for Education Reform Compares States in New Parent Power Index

The Index scores each state, along with the District of Columbia, from 0-100. This year’s leaders are Florida, Indiana, and Arizona, while those with the least parent power are North Dakota, Nebraska, and Alaska. Read More

5. These Two Colorado Counties Are Ground Zero for School Choice Across the Country

Two of Colorado’s largest school districts are engaging in very public fights over the future of K-12 education. Read More

6. HuffPost Profiles the ‘Benefits and Battles’ of Indiana School Vouchers

Indiana’s booming program highlights the academics and economics of school choice. Read More

7. Florida Lawmakers Propose Tax Credit Scholarships for Bullied, Abused Students

Children in Florida’s K-12 public schools who have been victimized by bullying, assault or other violent trauma will have a new option to change schools. Read More

8. NY Teachers Unions Sue over New Rules Allowing Charters to Certify Own Teachers

The State University of New York charter school committee on Wednesday voted to allow charter schools to design their own teacher-training programs and certify their own teachers. Read More

9. LA Supreme Court Case Puts Future of 16,000 Charter School Students in Jeopardy

The case stems from a 2014 lawsuit by the Louisiana Association of Educators and others. Read More

10. In This Town, Parents Could Be Sentenced to Jail If Their Child Is a Bully

This month, the North Tonawanda City Council approved the Parent Responsibility Law. Read More

11. Mom Outraged after Daughter Is Quizzed on ‘Sexual Identities’ at School

Georgia mom Octavia Parks says her daughter was given the assignment by her Lithonia Middle School health teacher. Read More

12. WY Parents Upset after Students Are Given Quiz with ‘Shoot at Trump’ Multiple Choice Answer

Jim McCollum was surprised when his son Rylee McCollum, a junior, came home and showed him a screenshot of the online test. Read More

13. Group Threatens to Sue MN High School Sports League If Boy Isn’t Allowed to Dance on Girls Team

Already in costume, warmed up and waiting to take the floor with his team last December, Johnson was told the judges wouldn’t let him dance. Read More

14. Body Search of 900 Georgia Students Leads to Sexual Battery Charge for Sheriff

All 900 students were searched, part of a drug sweep ordered by Sheriff Jeff Hobby, according to court documents. Read More

15. NYC Teachers Union Deducts Money from Teachers’ Retro Pay Despite Already Taking Annual Dues

It’s a practice that dissenting members in the UFT described as double-dipping. Read More

16. Connecticut Teachers Union Seeks Injunction to Block Education Spending Cuts

The state’s largest teachers union filed a lawsuit Wednesday in an attempt to block $557 million in education cuts the governor has ordered. Read More

17. After SD Raises State Sales Taxes to Boost Teacher Pay, 38 Districts Spent It Elsewhere

Thirty-eight school districts violated either one or both of two “accountabilities” established by the state Legislature. Read More

18. Get Ready for National School Choice Week 2018

There are 100 days to go until National School Choice Week 2018 kicks off. Start planning today! Learn More

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