15 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

How a Teachers Union Spent $44M, Why Devos May Be Moving Away from Federal School Choice, and More

1. AFT Teachers Union’s $44 Million Spend

Once again, the American Federation of Teacher has spent big on preserving its influence over education policymaking. Read More

2. Is Betsy DeVos Moving Away from Federal School Choice Push?

“I wholeheartedly believe the future of choice does not begin with a new federal mandate from Washington,” DeVos said. Read More

3. In 2-Hour Senate Committee Hearing, Democrats Criticize ESSA Plans

Tuesday’s hearing in the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee was supposed to focus on state innovation unleashed through the Every Student Succeeds Act. That’s not what happened. Read More

4. Jeanne Allen, a Participant in Matt Damon’s Anti-School Choice Documentary Lashes Out at Filmmakers

Allen says that Turnstone Productions, Stone Lantern Films and producers Vera Aronow and Sarah Mondale misled her about the nature of the film they interviewed her for. Read More

5. Librarian Who Objected to Melania Trump’s ‘Racist’ Dr. Seuss Books Once Dressed as Cat in the Hat

Twitter sleuths took little time finding Cambridge Public Schools Librarian Liz Phipps Soiero’s feed and digging into old posts. Read More

6. Report: Current Education System Needs Major Reforms for Students to Thrive in the Future Workforce

The Age of Agility has arrived, yet the U.S. is not well prepared to face the challenges and seize the opportunities it brings. Read More

7. CREDO Study: NYC Charter Students’ Test Score Growth Outpaces District Peers

A new study says that on average, New York City charter school students show growth equal to 23 extra days of learning in reading and 63 more days in math each year, compared with similar students in traditional public schools. Read More

8. Students, Forced to Remain in Failing Schools Because of Charter Cap, Make Their Case to MA Supreme Court

The plaintiffs contend caps unfairly diminish their ability to obtain a constitutionally protected quality education. Read More

9. Three Judges Overrule FL Board of Education’s Decision to Approve Charter Schools

The case focused heavily on a state law aimed at helping replicate high-performing charter schools. Read More

10. Michigan Teachers Union Gets Restraining Order Against Undercover Video Group

The Michigan chapter of a major teachers union has obtained a temporary restraining order against an organization run by conservative provocateur James O’Keefe. Read More

11. Vermont Parents Create Petition to Outlaw Teacher Strikes

Several parents in South Burlington said they’re flat out sick of teachers striking. Read More

12. In Minnesota, It’s Not Always Illegal for a Teacher to Have Sex with a Student

Recent cases reviewed in a KARE 11 investigation, raise questions about how Minnesota holds teachers accountable if they do have sex with their students. Read More

13. Kansas Supreme Court Rules Again that It, Not Legislature, Should Have Final Authority on School Funding

In a case with potentially hundreds of millions of tax dollars at stake, the Kansas Supreme Court has ruled that the Legislature’s latest efforts to provide adequate and fair funding for schools still falls short. Read More

14. Documents Show NYC’s DOE Failed to Answer 526 Public Records Requests Over Past 3 Years

New York’s Freedom of Information Law requires government agencies to provide or deny records within 25 days. Read More

15. Fewer Than 6% of TN Students in Grades 3-8 Have ‘Mastered’ Grade-Level English

TNReady was implemented two years ago as part of the state’s transition to more rigorous standards. Read More

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