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This podcast was originally published on The EdTech Podcast.

The sixth edition of the ASU GSV Summit Series on The Edtech Podcast. Listen here.

Welcome everyone to this sixth episode from the ASU GSV Summit series on The Edtech Podcast. This week we’re getting into the ed innovation landscape, with extensive research conducted by Navitas Ventures with their Edtech Census. I’ve also been listening to podcasts about the Shift Commission and their insight into the Future of Work. I was particularly interested in how our current mortgage and insurance structures are currently too tied up with past models of long-term employment, rather than self-directed gig economy stuff. Which I can relate to! I also took a peek at the Pearson and Nesta collaboration on #FutureSkills which forecasted the top 10 most likely jobs for growth to 2030 in the UK and US, as well as skills in demand during the same period. I was pleased to see Artistic, Literary and Media Occupations in the UK top ten jobs, as well as teaching and educational professionals.

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