15 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Millennials Support School Choice, The House Passes Education Spending Bill, and More

1. Survey Reveals Large Majorities of Millennials Support School Vouchers

Millennials support a handful of ideas that would make their former teachers blanch, including school vouchers. Read More

2. House Passes Education Spending Bill without School Choice Proposals

The House on Thursday passed its 2018 education spending bill, adding funds for after-school programs but rejecting increases for magnet schools and career and technical education. Read More

3. Betsy DeVos Tells the Education Establishment It’s Time to ‘Rethink’ Schools

The education secretary is on a multistate tour highlighting innovative approaches to learning. Read More

4. Silicon Valley Executives Reimagine Education for Their Children

Silicon Valley veterans are ditching fast-track careers and going all-in with their time and money as they innovate education for their children. Read More

5. Teachers Can Now Use IBM’s Watson to Search for Free Lesson Plans

The IBM Foundation has been flirting with ideas to apply Watson technology in education for a while, without knowing exactly what it wanted to do with it. Read More

6. Study Shows Surge in Suicide Attempts for Young Adults with Low Levels of Education

Suicide attempts among young adults between the ages of 21 and 34 have risen alarmingly, a new study warns. Read More

7. Improper Teacher-Student Relationship Cases Soar in Texas

Amid increasing scrutiny from top state officials of teachers accused of soliciting romantic relationships from students, the number of such cases has jumped for the ninth year in a row. Read More

8. New York Lowers Passing Grade on Teacher Exam Making It Easier to Become Certified

The state Board of Regents approved a number of changes to the state’s teacher certification process Tuesday, as educators and advocates statewide debate how to get more people into the teaching field. Read More

9. Only 1.1% of New Jersey Teachers Rated ‘Ineffective’ or ‘Partially Effective’

The state Department of Education released the results of the third year of AchieveNJ, its new evaluation system. Read More

10. New Mexico Releases Latest Teacher Evaluations Amid Ongoing Court Battle

About 74 percent of public school teachers in New Mexico are rated as effective or better when it comes to their success in the classroom, officials announced. Read More

11. State Takeover of Jackson District Looms As MS Declares ‘Extreme Emergency’

The Commission on School Accreditation voted to declare that JPS is in an “extreme emergency” state that jeopardizes the safety, security and educational interest of the students enrolled in the majority-black district. Read More

12. Los Angeles Board President Faces Felony Charges over Campaign Contributions

The charges against Rodriguez were detailed in a 14-page criminal complaint filed by the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office. Read More

13. Inspector General Details Litany of Academic Fraud at Alternative Chicago School inside Jail

The alternative high school operated by the Chicago Public Schools inside the Cook County Jail has been falsifying credits and attendance for hundreds of students for years. Read More

14. Parent: Teacher Told Students They Can Only Use CNN As a News Source

The mom this week posted a note to her Facebook page that a teacher told students they could not use Fox News as a resource for schoolwork or homework. Read More

15. Utah Teacher on Leave over Quiz on Students’ Experience with Sex, Drugs

The assignment asked students to rank their sexual history and drug use on a scale from nerd, “pure as Ivory soap and maybe a fruitcake,” to “hopeless and condemned.” Read More

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