17 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

ACT Scores Released, Federal Budget Cuts Rejected, and More

1. When School Choicers Start to Behave Like the Establishment

Is it possible for charter schools to protect their turf at the expense of educational choices for children and families — just like traditional district schools? Say it ain’t so, Joe. Read More

2. Senate Committee Rejects Trump’s Proposed Federal Education Cuts

The 29 to 2 vote on the Labor, Health and Human Services and Education Appropriations Bill further illustrates the president’s difficulty in moving his education agenda through Congress despite Republican control of the House and Senate. Read More

3. As Hurricane Irma Approaches, Florida Governor Closes All Public Schools Through Monday

All public K-12 schools, state colleges, state universities and state offices will stay closed through Monday as Florida prepares for a monstrous Hurricane Irma to make landfall this weekend, Gov. Rick Scott announced Thursday night. Read More

4. More Than Seven Million Students Nationwide Are Chronically Absent from School

An analysis of federal data found that nearly 10,000 public schools across the U.S. have a huge problem with chronic absence, with more than 30 percent of their students chronically absent each year. Read More

5. New ACT Test Scores Show Large Achievement Gaps

Scores from the ACT show that just 9 percent of students in the class of 2017 who came from low-income families, whose parents did not go to college, and who identify as black, Hispanic, American Indian or Pacific Islander are strongly ready for college. Read More

6. Report Says More Students Hit Performance Targets Through Personalized Learning

A group of school districts that incorporated personalized learning practices report achieved average growth of 130 percent in reading and 122 percent in mathematics for approximately 36,000 students. Read More

7. MN Appeals Court: Legislature Should Decide the Fate of Teacher Tenure

If Minnesotans want to change state teachers union protections, they should petition the Legislature, not seek changes in the courts. Read More

8. Chicago Union: School Choice Program Tantamount to Driving Bus with Bomb Through Districts

The union argues it will take money from public education to benefit the governor’s wealthy friends. Read More

9. NYC Teachers Union Warns a ‘Big Change Is Coming’ Amid Possible SCOTUS Ruling on Forced Dues

The United Federation of Teachers is drafting plans to dramatically slash its $182 million budget. Read More

10. Ten California Parents Arrested after Their Kids Racked Up Unexcused Absences at School

The 10 parents were charged with misdemeanor offenses of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Read More

11. Silicon Valley Start-Ups Courting Teachers to Use Their Products in Class

Their ranks are growing as public schools increasingly adopt all manner of laptops, tablets, math teaching sites, quiz apps and parent-teacher messaging apps. Read More

12. China’s Education Start-Ups Recruiting American Teachers

Despite the surplus of human capital domestically, the wealthiest parents are looking to educate their children using American teachers. Read More

13. Missouri Lawmakers Prep for Charter School Expansion Debate

In a hearing scheduled for next week, members of a House and Senate panel are scheduled to discuss the possibility of bringing school choice to other parts of the state. Read More

14. WI Finance Committee Votes in Favor of Expanding Special Needs Vouchers

After more than an hour of contentious debate, the panel voted along party lines, 12 to four in favor of doubling the program. Read More

15. New Hampshire Lawmakers Flesh Out Ed Savings Account Bill

At present, the Children’s Scholarship Fund serves 300 students statewide, according to Executive Director Kate Baker, who added that her organization’s model could be scaled up to meet demand if SB 193 passes. Read More

16. Arizona Voters Will Have a Say in Ed Savings Accounts Expansion, but Court Fight Looms

Save Our Schools Arizona needed 75,321 valid signatures to refer the measure to the November 2018 ballot. Read More

17. Louisiana Supreme Court Looks at Constitutionality of Charter Funding

The Louisiana Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday on the constitutionality of funding Type-2 charter schools through the MFP. Read More

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