AFT Union Tweets Against Healthcare Reform Bill Without First Polling Teachers

How bad is #Trumpcare?

After U.S. Senate Republicans released a healthcare bill on Thursday to reform the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, the American Federation of Teachers issued a series of Tweets in opposition to the plan.

The new Senate bill offers substantial differences from the House bill, such as the preservation of Obamacare’s ban on insurers charging higher premiums to patients because of pre-existing conditions. The Senate bill would also provide subsidies based on income, cost of coverage and age, unlike the House plan which bases assistance mainly on age. And it would create a fund to help insurers cover high-cost enrollees.

Sources say still more changes are likely before the Senate votes next week.

Despite the differences in the two bills and the additional changes likely, the AFT Tweet campaign refers to all of the initiatives simply as #Trumpcare. The union leadership initiated the social media campaign without feedback from rank and file teachers.

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