Rethinking School Design for Educational Equality

Simulcast with permission from the American Enterprise Institute.

From American Enterprise Institute’s event description:

In their new book “The Ambitious Elementary School: Its Conception, Design, and Implications for Educational Equality” (University of Chicago Press, 2017), Elizabeth McGhee Hassrick, Stephen Raudenbush, and Lisa Rosen discuss how schools can be designed from the ground up to improve educational equality, one student at a time.

Their model involves a complete reorganization of schools, tailoring instruction to meet individual students’ needs and creating collaborative networks of teachers, parents, and administrators. The secret behind such dramatic change is giving teachers new tools and space to succeed. The authors describe what this model looks like in real life and provide compelling evidence that it improves student learning.

The authors join AEI’s Nat Malkus and a panel of experts to discuss their findings and the implications for education policy and reform nationwide.

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