DeVos Defends the Budget and Unions Pressure Charter Teachers

20 of This Week's Must-Read Education Stories

DeVos Faces Sharp Rhetoric from Senate Dems During Hearing on Proposed Education Budget

Lydia Wheeler | The Hill

Members of a Senate Appropriations subcommittee pressed her to justify proposed cuts to after-school programs, teacher training and federal funding to help students in need attend college. Read More

Left Mocks Betsy DeVos, Former Public School Student Defends Her

Dr. Susan Berry | Breitbart

Using #Questions4Betsy, some on the left mocked U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Twitter leading up to her testimony. Read More

Supreme Court Asked to Take Janus v. AFSCME Case Challenging Forced Union Dues

Greg Bishop | Illinois News Network
The nation’s high court is being asked to take up the issue of whether government employees should be forced to pay dues and fees to government unions. Read More

Teachers Unions Increase Pressure for Collective Bargaining in Charter Schools

| The Washington Times

Teachers unions increasingly are trying to unionize charter schools nationwide, an effort school choice advocates say will stymie the mission and success the nontraditional schools have delivered to struggling school systems. Read More

Several States Moving to Expand Age Kids Must be in School

Sally Ho | Associated Press

A dozen states are trying to keep children in school longer, from making kindergarten mandatory to raising the legal drop-out age. But it’s not an easy sell. Read More

The Silicon Valley Billionaires Remaking America’s Schools

Natasha Singer | The New York Times

In the space of just a few years, technology giants have begun remaking the very nature of schooling on a vast scale, using some of the same techniques that have made their companies linchpins of the American economy. Read More

They Live in Mexico and Go to School in the US

Leyla Santiago | CNN

For more than four decades, New Mexico’s state constitution has guaranteed American citizens a free education, no matter where they live. Read More

In New Report, Heritage Foundation Proposes Ed Savings Accounts for Military Families

Lindsey Burke and Anne Ryland | The Heritage Foundation

A strong national defense depends on a well-supported military. The schooling options available to military-connected children can play a role in whether a family accepts an assignment, even factoring into decisions to leave military service altogether. Read More

The Battle Over Nevada ESAs May Have Been Lost, but The War Is Not Over

Sean Whaley | Review-Journal

The failure to fund the program is a bitter pill for Republican lawmakers, Gov. Brian Sandoval, private school operators and the thousands of parents who signed up to participate. Read More

Kansas School Funding Bill Expands Tax Credit Scholarship Program

Celia Llopis-Jepsen | KCUR

“I certainly know a lot of people that do not have that same choice, that do not have that same opportunity that some of us can provide,” Wichita Republican Rep. Brenda Landwehr said. Read More

Court Denies Ohio’s Largest Online Charter from Delaying Order to Pay State $60 Million

Catherine Candisky | The Columbus Dispatch

A merger — potentially the first of its kind — would turn the growing ChiACTS union for charter school staffers into a division of the CTU, which is the country’s oldest teachers union. Read More

Louisiana Charter Accused of Violating Desegregation Order after Black Students Chose to Enroll There

Kevin McGill | Associated Press

A New Orleans charter school that’s open to all students yet has a 93 percent black enrollment is at the center of a desegregation case. Read More

Court Orders Philly District to Rehire Counselors Based on Seniority Instead of Merit

Kristen A. Graham | Philadelphia Media Network

A three-judge  panel, in a decision handed down Thursday, upheld the decision of an arbitrator ordering the district to rehire all the laid-off counselors and award them back pay. Read More

School Choice and Automatic Union Dues on Texas Governor’s Special Session Agenda

Robert T. Garrett | The Dallas Morning Newsun-Times

During the regular session House lawmakers refused to pass either school choice bills or a prohibition on union and association dues being taken out of most public employees’ paychecks. Read More

Indy Charter’s Solution to Teacher Shortage: ‘Grow’ Its Own Educators

Dylan Peers McCoy | Chalkbeat Indiana

Next year, Christel House is piloting a new teacher training program called IndyTeach. Student teachers will work in the classroom alongside experienced educators at Christel House, with additional teacher training each week. Read More

Delaware Lawmakers Vote to Abolish State Board of Education

Steve Gunn | EAGNews

The executive director of the Delaware Board of Education says she was caught off-guard by lawmakers voting to get rid of the group. Read More

75% Of Black California Boys Fail To Meet Reading And Writing Standards

Grace Carr | The Daily Caller

Out of every four black boys in California classrooms, three failed to meet reading and writing standards on the most recent round of testing, according to data from the state Department of Education. Read More

Why the Alleged Memphis Grading Scandal Is Not As Unusual As You Might Think

Laura Faith Kebede | Chalkbeat Tennessee

The ongoing audit of Shelby County Schools’ high school records has garnered renewed interest after the principal who first reported possible grading irregularities resigned abruptly last week. Read More

Assistant Principal Duped Teachers to Give Thousands to Kid Who ‘Had Cancer’

Matt Bittle | Delaware Sate News

Michael Scaduto, 36, carried out his sob-story schemes while serving as assistant principal and athletic director at the HS for Construction Trades, Engineering and Architecture, in Ozone Park. Read More

Transgender Athlete Beats Girls But Would’ve Placed Last Against Boys

Rob ShimShock | The Daily Caller

Yearwood finished the girls’ 100-meter dash with a time of 12.66 seconds and the girls’ 200-meter dash in 26.08 seconds. Read More

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